Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Got Air?

Did you know that driving on under-inflated tires forces you to buy more gas?


And you can't always tell by looking if your tires are under-inflated.

Every car has a sticker on the door post or door jam that tells the manufacturer's recommended tire pressures. Get a good guage and go fill up.

Here's a great
narrated video
from E-How, a fantastic site for learning how to do everything, showing how to check your pressure.

Also, empty your trunk. If you are lugging around 50 extra lbs back there, you're scamming yourself. (Teachers and Mafia Guys, this could easily be you!)

Also, check your spark plugs and air filter. Or, to be honest ....

What really works for me is telling asking my Honey to do it!

PS: Most sources say that traveling at 55 miles per hour will give you much better mileage than 65-70 miles per hour. For more tips like that one, go to Fuel Me Up.Com

Read more Works for Me Tips from Shannon and join the fun. Thanks, Shannon!


Krista said...

Great tip! It works for me, lol. Looking forward to more She Speaks updates; gleaning from your overflow since I didn't get to go. Many blessings, Krista

annie's eyes said...

Your timing couldn't be better on this one. As I started out to the ranch yesterday morning, a woman opened her window and told me I had a FLAT tire. I sure did. The to do list grows. But I was most thankful it was just as I was driving out of the subdivision. Four nails later, I am in business with properly inflated tires. Good summer tip!

Mocha with Linda said...

Extra weight in the trunk, huh?

I need to get some extra weight off my personal trunk. Wonder if that will help the gas mileage.

Carol said...

Girl, I don't think I can drive 55. Tried it back in the 70's and it so did not work for me.

But I can do the tire pressure thing!

Lisa said...

Great tips! And now I know why so many people are driving me crazy driving 55 mph on the highway. &:o)

MoodyBlue said...

I also heard when people drive on the highway with their windows down it wastes gas because of the "pull" of all the air, that it is better to put on the AC. Who knew?

Tammy said...

With gas prices so high and getting higher, we all need to remember to get our husbands to do all these things, ahem, or learn to do them for ourself! :-)

Thanks for stopping by my place today.

Oh yes, I'd like a 2nd cup of coffee too. Love your header!

Lois E. Lane said...

Thanks for the very timely tips!

Kelley said...

WOW Linda, you are a wealth of information! For some reason I wouldn't have thought this topic would fall under your expertise (no offense but I just assumed George was sending you in Limos wherever you go). Thanks for the tips though. And here is another one: hide the car keys so your hubby and children don't "borrow the car" and leave it on empty!

Lynn said...

Hi Linda,

Great advice. I am leaving on a three week road trip on July 1st. Perfect timing.... Now what do they say about driving 80 mph... just kiddin around.... sorta..

Love you! Hugs!

Colored With Memories said...

These are great tips. Too bad I'm lugging around a double stroller that is so heavy I'm too lazy to get it out in case of that rare chance I'll need it!

Thanks again for the good advice!

PJ said...

Teachers and Mafia Guys?!!!! ROTFL I think I resemble that remark...Mafia Guys have dead bodies in the trunk...teacher have???? Oh. Books and stuff...mostly stuff. Whatever doesn't fit under my desk at school!! How did you know about my trunk, anyway?

Beverly Lewis said...

This is very helpful and somewhat depressing at the same time. I will absolutely check the air in the tires that haven't been rotated since.... I bought them. ooops.