Monday, October 20, 2008

Gov. Palin in Muncie & "All the mavericks in da house, put ya hands up!"

Photo by Chris Bergin.
I realize I've been intertwining political topics into my posts lately, which might be risky for some bloggers, but since anyone who reads this blog regularly is probably not diametrically/violently opposed to what I'm saying, it's not that risky.

And really, if you knew me, you'd understand I've held it in about as long as I can. I do have opinions, y'all; OH yes I do. Still, I'm trying to rein it in. Therefore, if you disagree with my intermittent opinions popping out, hang in there; it'll all be over soon, and you'll have four, eight or probably twelve years of "Nah-nah" to revel in. Let me have a scant moment or two.

At any rate, it looks like we've only got a few more days before the blue haze settles in on the nation for at least four years, turning red states purple, as in "bruised." Sigh.

Anyway, the other day I was picking up my daughter from school, when on my way past our tiny municipal airport, I noticed a police car blocking the entrance, with its light going but no siren. I wondered what was going on.

Later, I heard that instead of flying into Indianapolis, Gov. Palin flew into Muncie and was then driven to her speaking engagement about an hour away. Fancy that.

She exited the plane with Trig in a car seat/carrier, as you see in the pic above. She was here for about an hour, took questions from the press and zoomed away. And that's the story of how my husband's crush flew into town and didn't even text him or anything. Now I suppose he'll come crawling back to me.

(Note of historical interest: Obama also flew into Muncie earler this year as did Richard Nixon and JFK once upon a time. What can I say? We're kind of a political hub like that. But instead of the Beltway, we're more like the Belchway. Or the Gravelroad Way.)

Did you catch Gov. Palin on Saturday Night Live? What do you think about politicians guesting on SNL and other entertainment venues? I think it's pretty indicative of parties catering to Americans who want a national leader who is witty, articulate, nice-looking, and above all, smooth enough to be an entertainer.

After the Alfred E. Smith dinner where both candidates told jokes, lots of people said that if McCain had loosened up and been "funny" like that during the campaign, he would have fared better. This sticks in my craw, even though I don't know where/what a craw is. "Sticks in my craw" sounds gruff enough to express my frustration without actually cursing.

Can anyone tell me why we want stand up comedian/rock star political leaders?

Would Abraham Lincoln have passed the rock star test?

Did Taft wear a lampshade on his head at state dinners?

Did Woodrow Wilson play jazz clarinet? ["Woody Wilson!"]

Did you catch the SNL rap sketch? I'm admitting I enjoyed the humor, but I also feel a little weird about enjoying it for the reasons I stated above. It just goes to show I'm steeped in American culture, too.

But what a great sport Gov. Palin is. I love how she joined the "Obama/Ayers!" chant. Very funny. So, as we wind down to the last hurrah, "All the mavericks in da house, put ya hands up!"


Tammy said...

I too have mixed emotions about the candidates appearing on SNL, but I did enjoy the sketch you have posted.

I get sick of the liberal slant on EVERYTHING related to this here election. I pray for our country. I am fearful.

lmerie said...

I am glad that Palin did SNL after all the other skits, BUT, I felt that the Tina Fey skits, as much as they look alike and how some was funny, also had a negative effect on campaign. I think it has stolen the opportunity for people to see who Sara Palin really is. It left a pre-conceived impression of a "ditzy" person to many who had not had a chance to see her in action first.

And no, I don't think that charisma and humor should be the main character traits that candidates should aim for. The facts ma'am, just the facts :)

Kelsey said...

I just found you from another blog (Because the title of your post peaked my interest!), so hi!

First of all, I'll just come right out and say it, I am absolutely, no doubt about it for McCain/Palin. I agree with you, I watch SNL and find it hard to laugh at the Palin sketches because they are making fun of this awesome woman and they hardly EVER make fun of Obama or Biden. It's like they are just telling viewers to disregard anything Palin or McCain says.
The rap however was funny, mostly because Pregnant Amy Poehler was rapping and Sarah looked like she enjoyed it. I have to admit, I tried to find the song online to put onto my iPod!

Teri~Facedown said...

I think the SNL rap is hilarious.

I am slipping in a a few things here and there on my blog too. ;) I wish i could do it with humor like you do Lid...I just get too wrapped up in it all and get a serious. ug!

Thanks for lightening up the mood a little! I can always count on you for a smile!

Mocha with Linda said...

Yeah, it's a sad commentary on our times that people don't think any more. They go for entertainment value. Media has been the downfall of true political discourse.

Muncie is quite the newsmaker lately. You rock.

Gretchen said...

I love your comments, and though I'm on the unpopular side here, I do think that it's great that we've had a decorated elderly war hero, 2 women, and a person of color in this election. Do I appreciate their nastiness? No. But I suppose that's politics as usual. I agree wholeheartedly with you that we expect our nations leaders to not only know what they're doing to run the country, but to be blameless and smooth actors/actresses. What pressure! I'm surprised that anyone runs.

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

Thanks for sharing. I do not watch SNL but that was a great skit!!!!
Tootles, Chel

Smilingsal said...

I saw the whole show. I thought that SNL showed its leaning to the left as it always does to the point of rudeness. For example, when Baldwin stood next to Palin and Loren and talked about how horrible she is. They don't seem to come up with "jokes" about the other side, do they?

Ah well, Sarah Palin was a good sport, as Republicans must be.

Darlene R. said...

So, did Jorge know that Parah Sailin was in town?

Just wondering. :)

annie's eyes said...

I didn't catch SNL but I'm with you. I'll pick brains over beauty and entertainment value any day. And this maverick's hands are up--I'm just hoping it's not in a surrender kind of way.

Leebird said...

I love that Sarah Palin! She ROCKS! I could totally have her over for popcorn and a Steel Magnolias movie night.

Regarding the whole rock star world leader thing...we must face it...our culture is shallow. It's very sad, but true.

One thing about this election is that my oldest son, Garrett has turned into so-o-o the young's really cool to see him so interested in current events. His honors history class is his favorite class even though it's his hardest. It's been really cool watching my boy mature into a culturally, socially aware young man who doesn't fall for the liberal media spin. He thinks for himself! What a concept for a 14-year-old! Wish he could vote!

Becky said...

My hands are up... I'm raising the roof... PALIN PALIN PALIN... I even have bumper stickers. Love the post. LOL at hubby come crawlin back after not even getting a text. Shame on her :-p

Theresa said...

I have tears running down my face right now. Seriously. You are hysterical. I missed SNL and have been trying to find that video and couldn't.

Thank you.

You rock!

Patrice said...

Maverick in da house and hands are up for Sarah....she rocks my socks off!!

I have not been as brave yet to put my 2 cents up yet on my blog. I am still in the quiet mode right now, in print & voice....but I am not really sure why.....I am never really quiet about anything! Go figure!

Dena @ Green Acres said...

My husband and I are McCain/Palin groupies and everyone else on his side of the family are going for Obama (so you can imagine how much fun get togethers are for us). What I don't like is the way it seems to matter who is for a candidate, regarding someone famous. When Oprah endorsed Obama, I heard people in his family say "Oh then he must be great if she's for him". He could be a total idiot, but since she's for him, they are too. Have we all lost our brains? Can we no longer think for ourselves and we choose a President based on how many A-list celebs are endorsing them? I don't care if my President can crack jokes or play an instrument. We had one that played Sax and look how well that turned out.
My hands are up!

Chatty Kelly said...

Whoa - I hadn't seen that and can I just say I LOVED IT!!!

Having said that - it is a bit disconcerning that future leaders of the US would partake in such. (And that includes ALL of the candidates). There needs to be a line of decorum that isn't crossed. Ronald Reagan would not take his suit jacket off in the oval office because he said the office demanded his respect and he wouldn't feel right without wearing his suit jacket.

Then there was Bill Clinton - who found it would be okay to take his pa*nts off in there.

That's when the SNL years began.

Chatty Kelly said...

p.s. My dad has been a democrat his whole life, but he LOVES Sarah Palin. He even went to her rally here in VA. (Of course the fact that Hank Williams Jr was there didn't hurt. And the fact that her husband is union - like my dad).

But he just might pull the R ticket this time - and it's all Palin.

Merci said...

I'll raise my hand but I'm gritting my teeth. I always vote the person, not the party, but this time, honestly, I don't like either man. Granted, I like McCain WAY better than I like Obama, who frankly, scares me spitless. Wrote about it subtly on my blog ...
But McCain doesn't really do it for me either - I just don't think he'll do it TO me like Obama will. One of my beefs with McCain is his opinion on home schooling ... I called his campaign headquarters to get it straight from the horse's mouth ... and he believes in "strong government regulation of home schoolers." Um, thanks but NO thanks. (One thing that's curious to me ... I know people, my parents for example, who are voting for Biden, not Obama per se, and people who are voting for Palin but not McCain, per se... and that amazes me. The Vice President has way less influence on the President than I think those folks are hoping for ... Palin won't be running the country, unless something happens to McCain and Biden SURE won't be running the country unless something happens to Obama ... so voting the "vice president" is just ... curious to me. But I digress....) But as often happens, I'm voting the lesser of two evils and McCain is by FAR the lesser of two evils IMHO. At least I don't wonder about his beliefs directly leading my country to turn their backs on God or worry that he'll disarm the military and be a good "friend" to the world while leaving us defensively vulnerable. Oh I'm so praying for this election ... but I fear that God will indeed give this country what it's begging for ... "give us a king ..." God help us all.

Cyndy said...

Okay...just need to stick up for Pres. Taft here 'cause he's a distant relative and all...don't think he ever did the lampshade thing but I hear his bathtub was REALLY big.

Anyway, I was a communications major in college and in one of my media classes I remember the prof. talking about the Kennedy/Nixon debate. Those who watched it on TV said Kennedy won the debate and those who listened on radio said that Nixon won. Since then I've wondered if we should more often be forced to listen to them speak without visual aids....seriously, is being leader of the free world more about style or substance?

On a lighter are too funny girlfriend thanks for looking at the lighter side! :)

Debbie said...

Clearly Gretchen & I are in the minority here on your blog but I agree with what she said and what Mocha Linda said about people not thinking anymore. Few people think things through past the "talking points" on either side or just vote based on what they think the party stands for without investigating the actual candidates beliefs. And all the politicians play to the "tell them what they want to hear" tune. I personally am totally baffled by the Palin hoopla. Although putting her on the ticket did knock me off the "undecided" fence - I just fell to the opposite side.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I posted this video on Sunday. it totally cracked me up. She has got the moves too. Did you notice that? She should challenge Biden to a dance-off.

Oh, and my hubby, also has a crush on her. He asked me if I minded that he call her his girlfriend. No, honey. You can dream.

skoots1mom said...

my hands are up...up...up
and i find absolutely nothing entertaining about BO...he scares me like a wolfe in grandma's clothing...
wake up America!
just remember, you often are the company you keep!

Greg C said...

I'm waiving my hands in the air like I just don't care.... but I do. I will fight your hubby for Sarah and don't think I won't.

Leigh said...

I loved the sketch, it had me laughing so hard!

And Muncie? That is where my hubs, Big Daddy was born. Close family in Indianapolis.

Merrie said...

That was great! I love her and her sense of humor and good sportsmanship...
I got my hands up....
thanks for sharing!

Today's Christian Mom~ said...

"All the mavericks in da house, put ya hands up!"
That just mnakes me want to start chanting "Whoop whoop" lol great post!

Roxanne Kristina said...

Thanks so much for making me think and laugh. I made a post with the sat night live video(s), but I can not get to up load from the snl site. I am going to try to embed from your site. Thanks so much for giving a gal a hand. I love the snl skits they are doing with Palin. She was a great sport last sat.


Mom To Six said...

I love this post! "All the mavericks in da house, put ya hands up!"

Sarah rocks and I am praying daily that we are spared from the plague that would hit this country if Obama becomes president.

Susan said...

Times have definitely changed. And I'm not sure it's all bad to find out that we're electing people who can be "real"...BUT I hear ya' about some of our great leaders not fitting the bill.



Joanna said...

I thought Palin was a great sport about the whole thing. Loved it when she said Stephen is her favorite Baldwin bro. hee hee

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I think you should take Palin out (I say that in my Sopranos voice; in some gruff, craw-filled way), and run for VP yourself.

Esthermay Bentley-Goossen said...

WAIT a Minute!

#1 skoots1mom stole my line!!! I told my DH many(many!) weeks ago that BO scares me like a wolf in Grandma's clothes. (But this may be because moi has a Bible - which is read daily -- I've studied Charles Finney too -- whole wolf is sheep's clothing thing....) DUH! Ok maybe skoots1mom does too. sorry

#2 Red states bruised and turning purple!!?? What?... NOT SO FAST. Have some faith. It's not over till it's over! Maybe BO's grandma can talk some sense into him whilst the wolf visits her in Hawaii!

#3 I've lived in central IN and we used to call the place "The Armpit of America." That PALIN and crew set foot there is a testament of this woman's "normal-ness" Love it. That Muncie airport is -like -- the size of my laundry room! Wished I'd been there. Did you take that photo? JEALOUS!

#4 SNL - How could the woman say, "No." She was awesome! ...and that's all I have to say about that.