Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Percolator is Dripping Dry, Folks

The forecast says: Dry spell at 2nd Cup.

I'm coping with my zero-creativity by linking you to a couple of new sites I'm enjoying and to a site where I was interviewed, sort of. Warning: that interview is political in nature. ("oooh, she's gettin' Mavericky!")

But I also have a question for you: How in the world do you keep up with visiting other blogs? I cannot seem to do it. I do work outside the home, and I suppose that makes a difference, but still, it's getting harder and harder. If you have a routine, would you mind sharing it here? I'd be ever-so-grateful.

And then, go check out
Melissa at A Long Way From the Theta House, where she writes about herself:

Grab My button!

Sometimes, we are given ministries we would not have asked for in a thousand years. This blog is all about mine. I am a stay at home mother of four and my husband runs an inner city ministry in Dallas. We live in the community, the ghetto, the hood, the place you most likely avoid when driving through our fair city. We love it. Seriously, love it.

Melissa is a great writer living a wonderful life. She won me over with this post about getting a bird out of a friend's fireplace in high heels. Pics included!

Secondly, I found "Happy Mama" at Pancakes/Diary of a New American recently, and I am completely captivated by her and her story. This girl MUST write a book. Here is what her profile says:

I am a Christian mom of two small kids, a loving wife of one almost perfect husband and a diligent full-time “non-traditional” student. I am Russian and English happens to be my fourth language. I love to read, write,dance,draw,sleep although it is not easy to find time for these lately. I love people and I love God. I adore my kids and my American hubby. Life of an immigrant can be hard and even though I've been in the United States for almost 5 years, I still get into some ridiculous and embarrassing situations. The way to deal with them, is to laugh at myself. You are welcome to laugh with me.:-)

That great poster at the left is one I lifted from her blog. She has all kinds of neat stuff going on there. Make sure you read several posts to get a good feel for how unique she is.

Finally, Debbie at Suburb Sanity gets me rolling with laughter. Dry wit, very dry wit. I don't dare lift anything from this one's blog because I think she might come after me. But I could claim that I was just a crazed fan who wanted something like a lock of hair but settled for a pic from her blog instead. Nah. I ain't stoopid.

Finally (no, really, "finally" this time), if you like, you can read my answers to some questions from Sarah at Kingdom Twindom about blogging and politics.

OK, so those are my recommendations. If you have any inspirations/questions for me to help me get the juices flowin' again, bring 'em on, my friends, bring 'em on.


carol ~ i throw like a girl said...

I thought for a minute you actually turned off the coffee maker in your header to illustrate your point! I'm just tired, I guess. I read all my blogs through my google reader and a few on favorites that for some reason I can't get into the reader. I also always check out those who leave me comments. I should get out more, I know.

Here's an idea for you to write about - invite your readers to ask you anything and then, carefully answer some of the questions. Just a suggestion. Could be funny.

April in CT said...

How do I keep up? I don't have my own blog! hehe

I seriously don't know how I would keep up with writing one AND reading all the ones I'm subscribed to. Maybe someone will provide me some divine inspiration in your comments (and you too because we gotta have our dose of Linda!).

Tammy said...

Most of the blogs I follow are on blogger so I use the new "follow me" and read their new posts. And then I also use Google reader, it puts the new posts in a concise way so that I can read the new posts.

I work full time and check out the new posts after we've got the kiddies in bed.

Becky said...

Hmmm... I keep up because I have given up on sleep. Its highly over rated.

lmerie said...

Google reader seems to ease this - but it is still hard on some days!

I bet something funny will happen today that will stir up the creativity!

Smiles and Blessings,

Dena @ Green Acres said...

I can easily get sucked in and gladly sit at the computer all day long if I'm not careful, so I have blogs I like to follow all nice and neat in google reader. For now I don't allow myself to step outside the reader "box" or Mt. Washmore would be the size of the Himalayas, and nothing else would get accomplished either.

Greg C said...

Sorry I think you may have caught it from me. I had that last week but fortunatly I have recovered. Well I think so anyway. :)

Debbie said...

Look what landed in my reader this morning! All this wonderful linky love from you - my very first blogging friend. I'll never forget how excited I was the day you left me my first ever comment. You are too sweet! Some days I panic that the well has gone dry. I'm sure it will. And keeping up is very hard. I use my google reader and star the ones I want to read in full and comment on. But, I seem to always be behind. Thanks again. I'm off to check out the other blogs you listed!

Susanne said...

I grab snippets of reading when I can. In bloglines I have my "must reads" which I do read every day(which you are at the top of btw. The other ones I visit when I can. I went through mega guilt for quite a while about that, but one can only do what one can do.

Gwendolyn said...

I go to my google reader while I'm waiting for the daycare kiddos to get here, and then again while they are having snack and naptime. I read and comment as much as I can. Some days I catch everyone, and some days I don't. On the days that I actually write a blog post, who knows if I'll actually get to read any blogs. Such is life, I guess! :o)

Sheryl said...

How do I keep up with blogs? I do have SEVERAL that I follow, like yours.

Sometimes when I need a little break at work I will go on one or two AND when I'm home and EVERYONE has gone to bed and I get some ME time, I'll get on and look at the updated blogs.

Sheryl D

Mocha with Linda said...

Becky's comment about sleep being highly over rated, right next to the "picture" for her blog cracked me up.

I like the suggestion of the questions.

And honestly, you could blog about shaving your legs or boiling water or brushing your teeth and you would somehow manage to make it riveting.

Oh, and Google Reader has saved my blog-life! Gee thanks for giving me a few more to add. . . .

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I rely on my blogroll. I have my blogroll set to show the last update/title. That way, I can easily see who's updated and I don't have to waste time jumping to blogs that haven't had a new post yet.

Check out my blog roll and you'll see.

Sonya Cardiff said...

I'd get Google Reader, but then I'd just feel guilty for not clicking on all the shiny new blog posts!

No system. Totally random. Some days I check, some I don't.

If you find a system that doesn't involve guilt in any fashion, let me know.

Cyndy said...

My problem is that I go and read everyone elses blog and then I totally lack any gumption to write something on my own. If you find a happy balance please let me know!

Anonymous said...

I like the ideas of questions too! I even add my non-blogger people to follow and I can read them when they update.

Nadine said...

It's not easy to keep up with the blogs, but one of the things that helps is blogger has a list that you keep track of when someone posts something new. That helps. The other thing is I try to visit those that visit me on a regular basis. Sometimes its not always possible. Right now I'm not working, so it's easier. When I was working not so much.

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

I have started writing about a name of the Lord every Thursday but really He introduces Himself daily in different ways sometimes more than once.
To me, that helps me praise Him, share Him, and revel in who He is. I do this one at my other blog: I have not posted one today, I also go to school for a bach in biz so I stay busy.
List your schedule for all of us so we can see just how busy you are. lol. Then we can say - Oh girl you ain't got nuthin' on ....
ha haha

the voice of melody said...

When you sit down at the computer, make sure you allow yourself a certain amount of time (30-45 minutes for instance). Then you can read some of the blogs you enjoy most, but forget trying to keep up with all the ones you like, it's a never-ending list for most of us!

Then on other days, if you have something to say, then it's your turn to write. Write on some days, read others the other days. Take a break in between, you know, for coffee.

Many sweet blessings!

Chatty Kelly said...

I call this the "BLOG FOG" when you cannot think of a think to blog about!!!!!

I too use "follow me" or google reader and that saves tons of time! Plus I stay I waste way too much time reading blogs. But who needs clean clothes anyway? Laundry can wait until tomorrow. :D

Melissa said...

Ok, I'm so flattered and love your blog, too! I'm with you on the keeping up with other blogs thing so I'm just going to read the comments you get and do whatever your people tell you to do! :)

Esthermay Bentley-Goossen said...

You ask a faultless question: How to keep up with other blogs?

Yes. The ideal questions has all these variety of answers that lead to the same ultimate conclusion – You MAKE the time for what you ENJOY.

I see most commenters have the “Follower” gadget or “GoogleReader” thingie. This makes it easy. I don’t follow – you know: silly bloggers who entice people with photos of their new hair color or have any radical political overtones… (OOPs) I mean… you know -- no substance. You – of course have the awesome dripping coffee maker which is the essence of “Substance.” And you make me laugh – or at least smile. I follow you too because you “GET IT” with reference to the collective stupidity of the general American population.

…but I ramble

For me: I homeschool my kids – so we’re home all day. The laptop goes with us everywhere as our schedule, our curriculum, educational DVD’s that we use – and of course Search GOOGLE! (How else does one answer the non-stop questions of the kiddos'?)…all this is contained on the blessed laptop. Yes, God has ordained our laptop.

I read other blogs intermittedly throughout the day as have 3-5 minutes to myself. And I deal with my own thoughts and blog in the evening. Cause Becky is a wise women – sleep is so overrated!

P.S. Please do not stop the intelligent observations of the political game! You are as wise as Becky.

Cindy said...

I also work outside the home. I have to keep up with blogging and reading in short segments. I just leave my computer on during the day and keep my favorites list up. Each time I have a few minutes I run in a read a blog or two. I write very early in the morning 4:30 when my husband leaves for work and before I have to get ready. It's quiet then.

Love your blog, have a nice short break.

Joanna said...

Just go all mavericky and give us your maverick points of view like why is it Wal-Mart will have an entry test harder than the FBI but only employ the people that you just know couldn't have passed it?

I blog hop whenever I can. I homeschool and older kids have stuff on computer to do so I have to share during the day but at night it's all mine.

RosyRose said...

I liked what you had to say! Thanks for stepping out! I have been very fearful of "gettin into it" because of not wanting to alienate people from my church. Now I hope they don't read this:) Any way thanks!

skoots1mom said...

when i get overwhelmed reading or blogging, then I know I've had too much...some days i just read...some days I don't post. I find we can too easily fall into the "# of comments" game.
I'm not a very popular host and don't get that many responses so I guess my level of stress is very low, but have to believe that people will continue to visit even if there are days I am not able to reply
you just can't do it all, every day, then it becomes and obsession and is on the verge of being an idol.

Tiff said...

Google reader, but if you're subscribed to a zillion blogs, even that takes forever. My brain is overloaded with new info! lol
I get up an hour earlier than normal in the morning just so I can catch up on reading, I'm totally addicted :o(

Marina said...

Linda, I think I read blogs more than I post and i become overwhelem !!! that i don't even what to post anymore the stories I read always seem to be funny or have something great to say ,,then i go to my blog and well forget it i can think of anthing to say,,,,, ( i think its hard to read blogs ,post, and try have a my face! too much!!, ( my husband says one day he well come home and fine me in the computor yelling " help me get out!!) LOL!! love, marina

40winkzzz said...

Hmmm... I have a few favorites that I try to check daily or almost-daily (or sometimes 3 times daily if I'm procrastinating on other stuff I have to do). I am so dark-age-ish that I click on each individual blog via "favorites" rather than having a blog reader. (Except HSB friends' blogs; there is a built in reader for that.) But I will get a reader "one of these days" if I can ever decide which one to use. (Perhaps google; it seems to be the most popular one with your readers so I suppose that's good enough.) I also use way too many parentheses.

As for keeping up with ALL the blogs I like to read... well, every so often I read every single blog in my Favorites folder and then stumble to bed at 3 am and have a miserable day. Then I ground myself from blogging for a few days. Then I begin reading blogs again in moderation. And then every so often...

Sondie said...

Dry spells are in the air I guess. I was so bold as to post Nothing and then a week later Something. my creativity has been hanging at oh about 0-1 for months now.

I enjoy your blog!