Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday's Fave Five

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story (click on button) hosts a Friday meme which I love because I celebrate anything related Fridays, my favorite day of the week, and that's not just a plug for a particular restaurant in a crass attempt to get a gift card.

But come to think of it, should upper management of the chain happen upon this post and suddenly feel wildly beneficent, I'm up for that. Usually, when requesting gifts, I, like Charlie Brown's sister Sally would say, “Don’t make it too complicated on yourself—just send money, tens and twenties!” but I thought I'd be more subtle and clas-say here. [wink-wink]

Top Five Faves This Week:

1. Seeing Kristin pass her learner's permit exam. Post to follow on the more bizarre aspects of the BMV experience and the fact that my baby is going to be steering hundreds of pounds of metal on public streets soon.

2. Having Elvis stop at my desk this week. Yes, The King came right up to my desk while I was on the phone with my boss, and I actually had to say to my boss, "Could you hold on a minute because Elvis is at my desk." And that is a sentence I never thought I'd say. The story is, each year a local company employing people with special needs hosts a Thanksgiving lunch in our gym, which is connected to my office. This company always gets the same Elvis impersonator to entertain their guests, due to popular demand. They love this guy. He does it all--singing, sweating, and wrapping scarves around people. But even Elvis gets a little confused once in a while and has to stop into offices and ask directions. Therefore, Elvis stopping at your desk to ask a question? -- priceless, especially when you have a blog.

3. The. Food. Network. I am probably exploding my DVR's capabilities by taping every food Challenge show there is. My favorite this week? The Seuss Cake Challenge! And the cupcake Challenge!

4. Being on steroids. Yes, you read that right. I was put on a short course of steroids to make the orbs that were once my eyes shrink back down to human size instead of Cyclops size. The relief has been amazing, since the itching has felt like tiny bugs were crawling in and out of my eyelashes (ugh!) alternating with the distinct sensation of sunburned lids being seared on a grill. So steroids, although they make me want to eat this luscious-looking computer screen right now and my scented candle that's burning, is a fav thing this week.

5. Scarves. My newest fashion love, which puts me only several years behind the East Coast and Europe! Actually, Europe is just catching up with me because I wore lots of plaid and knitted scarves in high school in the 70's. I remember having an oh-so-fashionable purple one on in my sophomore picture. My daughter brought a purple pashmina home to me from London, and I'm so excited to wear it now that the weather has turned cold.

I'm loving this one because I'm into black and white this year.

And this one I love because it's not bulky, but a beautiful Burberry plaid. Yum.

Here are some cute ways to "tie one on" without the hangover. Unless you count the ends of the scarf as "hangovers."

Oh, I lurve da doggie scarf. Do you think I should get one for Zoe?

Tying video, if you're interested:

So what made the cut on your Fave Five list this week?


Ballerina Girl said...

hhhhmmm. let me think about it and post it!
;) BG

lmerie said...

Enjoyed you Friday Five! Glad you are on the steroids - it is amazing the difference they can make and so quickly! (short course twice for poisin ivy on my face - egads!)

The pooch in the scarf - such a cutie.

Learner's Permit? hehe
probably need to post an update to this

Have a great day!

Greg C said...

So has Elvis left the building yet? Hey how do you get Mr linky to work? I need instructions. I have him on my blog but he won't link.

sara said...

scarves were BIG in Italy while I was there!!!

Mel said...

My fave 5:

1. Gotcha Day
2. Friday itself (woohoo weekend)
3. Winning a giveway (never happened before)
4. Waking up this morning to snow flakes. (rarely happens where i live)
5. My new coffee maker (early bday gift).

Shannon said...

I'm going to go out and get my 3 doggies some cute scarves! Adorable!

Susanne said...

Look out world! She's got her learner's. This is the time in my kid's life when I was buying lots of hair dye to hide the rash of grey hairs I was getting. LOL.

Wow, having Elvis stop by your desk is only 2nd to having Donny come by, eh?

I love the scarves. But can't stand anything around my neck. I'll have to think of something so that I too can be fashion forward.

Great five Lidna!

Susanne said...

Oh and come back and put yourself on the Mr. Linky!

The Correspondent said...

What a fun list, Linda!

I'm glad the steroids are helping to shrink the orbs in your eyes. Your description was quite enlightening.

I hope to come back and watch the scarf-tying video.

Robin said...

Great list! I love watching just about everything on The Food Network.

Cindy said...

Learner's permit - I feel your pain.

Glad your feeling better. Steroids are great until you have to get off of them.

Gingerbread... I've been wanting to try to bake it myself, but the temptation to just buy it already made at Michael's is so tempting.

Now about that video... Since you already have the scarf, are you going to get to put it to good use on a trip to Europe?

Melanie said...

I have an Elvis sighting on my Friday's Fave 5, too.
But I don't know if you are able to view my blog anymore. :(

Mocha with Linda said...

Topping my list was losing the crutches.

Hmmm - I can see your video now: "This is Lid. This is Lid on steroids. Any questions?"

Anonymous said...

#2 is priceless indeed!

Sara@ Butterville said...

ELVIS! ELVIS! Let me be! Keep that pelvis far from me! (I couldn't resist! That's from Grease btw)
I liked the video as far as different way to wear your pashmina, but man that women drove me nuts with her UMS!She need more pep. Where's Rachel Ray when you need her? I hope you don't know that women and she doesn't read your blog. :)

Cindy Swanson said...

Ooh! Love the scarves, Linda. Not only fashionable, but as you and I know who live in the chilly Midwest: WARM. :)

Roxanne Kristina said...

I loved the fab 5 and I loved the instructional video. How bout a video for teaching my pre schooler to tie a shoe! Think I could justify getting a pashmina scarf and use it to teach her to tie a bow, explaining to my husband it would be easier for my daughter to learn that way than with a shoe lace. Hmmm. :0) xoxo,

skoots1mom said...

When my 16yo got her license my heart-rate changed and the reality set in...she's been driving since May and I'm continually praying she doesn't get TOO comfortable driving...naturally, I want her to be constantly aware of what's around her...and I still want to be in the car, but that ain't happenin...

The Elvis pic tickled me...He's a patient dude, letting those around him touch his hair!! We work with a special needs ministry for teens and they always love hugging and touching...they're awesome.

I'm not participating in the food challenges but I love watching them

My hubbie was on steroids for "bell's palsy" once and it helped him immensely even with the side effects.

and, I'm with you on the, love 'em...I have about 20 or so that I use in many different ways throughout the year.

And, yes, ZoeGirl definitely needs to be shakin' it with her own scarf like MaMa when she goes out for the holidays!!

Thanks for helping me feel better during my sniffles and head throbbing sinus aches...u'r the BEST!!

Annie said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I'm so glad you visited. We English majors need to stick together... people seem to be afraid of us! Or at least for us to read their stuff. Love the meme. Hadn't seen it before. Blessings!

Chatty Kelly said...

Elvis. haha! Happy Friday.

Much Ado said...

The "King" is alive!??? LoL - I had to smile at the Elvis thing. Also what a lot of lovely scarves, I think they are an addiction of mine.

Brenda said...

I love scarves, but sometimes I feel funny when I wear them. Like I'm trying to be all sophisticated, but I'm not.

Patricia said...

I've got an old VHS on tying scarves somewhere...from a hundred years ago (ok, just from the 80s) when I was a Mary Kay consultant.

I don't wear scarves any more (except with hats when it's freezing outside-like today) ...but for some reason, I'm drawn to broaches like the ones I used to put on my scarves. I had to stop myself from picking up a perfectly gaudy rhinestone snowflake the other day.

I mean, where would it go?? No scarf, don't like high neck sweaters, and the thing was big enough to pull me over forward and wearing it would defeat the whole faking my age thing (soooo my grandmother's broach!)...but somehow I can't stop seeing it's twinkling glass facets. (BTW, thanks for reminding me of it with your I'm imagining it sparkling on the lapel of my corduroy jacket.)

Hopefully it will be gone before I return to that store, otherwise it might end up being my Christmas present this year (when I really want a grain mill or cd changer or something techie).

proudgrits11 said...

Yes, a very nice list. I fell in love with scarves last year but since it is summer here year-round (Phoenix), I get to wear all five in a row, just once each! :)

I took part for the first time today!!
Roots & Wings

Sandy said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your thoughful comment on my Internet Cafe post today. I'm so glad you thought it was worthy of touching others.

Have a great weekend. Blessings,
Sandy Cooper

ellen b said...

Hi Linda,
Fun 5's.
Elvis at your desk, now that would be a sight to behold.
I might have to consider scarves now that I'm developing an older neck and double chin :0)
Have a good weekend...

Laurie Ann said...

I'm doing "Let's Have Muscle Spasms In the Back" Friday. It's painful, but ya know...I'll put my muscle relaxers up against your steroids any day of the week, bwahahaha! Love the scarves! I have a pink and gray one that I love dearly. I just do a casual flip around the neck thing with it - nothing fancy for me, LOL.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I am wearing a black & white scarf right now, INSIDE! I love them! Yes the burberry is yummy :)

Marina said...

Love the pashmina I need to get one too!! ")

glad you are doing better and yes I know how hungery steriods can make you its awful!!

and Zoe would look so cute in a scarves ") marina

Femin Susan said...

This is a beautiful blog! This is amazing!! Welcome to my blog.. I am so glad I found your blog!

Denise said...

I loved this, and thank you so very much for the sweet birthday card. You are a blessing.

PJ said...

A scarf on Zoe is definitely one of mine!! and videos about tying scarves goes right up there with videos of Ken Ken Lee would rank much higher. Ken Lee would be one of my all time favorite bloggy things....where was I....who knows? Loved your Fav Five.

Heidi said...

Oh, I am all about the scarves this year. Scarf heaven! Love your space in the virtual world. Glad I found ya.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Well, I won't post my whole fave five right here, but I'll tell you one of them: My Second Cup of Coffee today. :-) I love sharing my second cup with you!

THANK YOU for the pictures of the scarf wraps...I LOVE them...but I don't know how to DO them. My fave of your posted here is the burberry plaid...yes ma'am.

Your daughter: is BE.U.TI.FUL! That's an awesome picture of her.

Jodi said...

oh my goodness...did you forget to come by and tell me Elvis stopped at your desk???? Linda! LOL

I think the scarf would be perfect for Zoe! Too cute.