Monday, February 09, 2009

It was a Jim/Pam-Worthy Moment

Recently in our Oneighty staff meeting, my boss, Jeff from Abilene, who occasionally lapses into speaking his native tongue, “Abilenien, Y’all,” told us that in an attempt to keep the cold outside and the warm inside his home, his wife accidentally shut their dog’s tail in their sliding glass doors.


And he just happened to also mention that the dog had an appointment with the vet for a regular check up at 2 pm that day. And he also just happened to mention that since the injury, he had a nagging fear that the vet would see the crook in Doodles’ tail and question Jeff’s “parental fitness.”

It was at this point that my mind flew out the window and hatched a sinister plot, one that was so devious I knew I could never pull it off on my own.

After the meeting, as I sat at my “Pam” desk, Jeff and Matt, another young pastor, were discussing Doodle’s near tail-ectomy. They then went to their separate offices, and I immediately emailed Matt: “Wouldn’t it be funny if when Jeff went to the vet today that they treated him as though they had received a phone call alerting them to the possibility that his dog had been abused and that Doodle may need to be removed from the home?”

There was no reply, except that Matt was back at my desk in 0.2 seconds.

“If we could pull this off, this would be classic. Do you want me to call?” he asked.

Oh, did I want him to call.

“Yes, because although I’m devious, I’m also a big chicken.”

So we discussed how he would approach whoever answered the phone, offering background info, etc. before proposing the joke.

I looked up the vet’s number for Matt, and he went into his office, closed the door and made the call.

I sat at my Pam desk grinning like an idiot.

Matt came out and said, “I don’t have high hopes for this. The receptionist didn’t seem very enthusiastic. Plus, they have a substitute doctor in today, so I’m guessing it won’t go over.”

We resigned ourselves and shared the obligatory, “At least we tried,” as if we were doing Jeff a favor instead of plotting behind his back to freak him out.

The next morning, Jeff came in and stopped as usual at my desk to discuss the day’s activities. As he started to walk away, he said, “Oh--you’ll never believe what happened at the vet’s yesterday.”

(Oh, yes I would.)

“Oh really? What happened?”

“The Humane Society almost removed Doodle from our home!”

He had a completely straight face, but I didn’t believe him for a second.

“Nuh-uhs” and “Uh-huhs” were exchanged between us until he knew that I knew, etc., etc.

So I confessed but found out that Matt had already thrown me under the bus. Because that’s what office mates do.

Anyway, Jeff said he was surprised the receptionist went along with the joke because he has tried numerous times to engage her and joke around with her and cheer her, but she’s very all-business, as in, “What can I do for you” is the only phrase she’ll utter. Sort of like an Angela Martin on “The Office.”

But, unbelievably, she did indeed come into the exam room and advise the doc to “have a look at that tail ….”


Guess she just needed a victim.

So Matt and I are pretty proud of ourselves. It was a Jim and Pam moment, minus the romance because Matt is young enough to be my son and is a pastor, so take that out of the equation, and it was a Jim and Pam moment. It was classically awesome.

It was Office-awesome.


darla said...

Abilene, well that's just down the road from me ya'll! cute story!

Renna said...

I have a hunch if I watched the Office, that post would've made a lot more sense to me. ;-Þ

My daughter keeps telling me to watch it, but I keep forgetting.

You are devious, by the way. ;-)

Becky said...

CRAZY! You are too funny, I love your Pam desk.

Kim said...

Oh my WORD Linda! That is fantastic!! I could never have kept a straight face! I wanna work in YOUR office!!! *whine whine pout pout*

Debbie said...

I love a good stunt like that. It sounds great!

Garden Girl said...

I could live for weeks on the fun that practical joke provided! Even though you were totally run over by the bus, (which is fun in itself :) )it just doesn't matter. Fun is just stinkin' fun no matter.
Great post! I will be laughing with you all week sharing your story!

My ADHD Me said...

Devious- I looked it up in the dictionary, and there was YOUR picture! Who would have known...

Mocha with Linda said...

Glad you have some Texas blood up there!

That's too funny. I know to keep my tail out of that office!!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Ahhahaha!! That IS Office-awesome.

You just became THAT much cooler in my eyes, lady. You were already way up there, but this just put you up a notch. ;-)

Lois Lane II said...

HAHAHA!!!! Hilarious! I think I would be like Jeff. I'm always freaking out when something small happens to Superdog (it doesn't happen that Hubby's BFF is her vet, though...).

Stacy said...

My husband and I are HUGE Office fans. This is hilarious!

Chatty Kelly said...

I am torn between wishing we worked together (so we could plot evil plans) and being glad we don't work together (so you can throw me under the bus.)

All in all a good day at the office, huh?

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...


Can I come work with you???

skoots1mom said...

How was the doggie's tail?

Cindy Swanson said...

Hey Linda...I'm not sure, but a famous person might have commented on my blog! I also mentioned YOU in my post about it. Check it out. :)

Sara@i.Sass said...

Funny, too funny. I like being IN on jokes but not part of the joke.
I DO love how Jim makes Dwight's life challenging.

Laurie Ann said...

Oh, what I must be missing out on by not watching that show. This sounds *so* like something we would do in our office! Tooooo funny! I love it! And I would be the one to get thrown under the bus. I hatch the plans, others carry them out and I get blamed. Oh, the joy! I love it!

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

That was really a great prank you played and relating the whole thing to The Office cracked me up. Love that show.

Heather of the EO said...

That's so funny. Since my dog just got her snout stuck in her big red ball yesterday, I found this particularly funny. Because I had visions in my head of taking her to the vet like that and having him say things like "why is your dog allowed to play with this ball?" And Ryan and I saying things like "Because we totally ignore her and feel bad keeping her dangerous ball away on top of all the ignoring."

Beverlydru said...

OH, how I wish you were in my office. I NEED someone to throw under the bus! LOL. What an expression. You continue to be the Bombdiggety.

Chelsea said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. Hilarious. I have a fellow Office-loving co-worker. Sure makes the day more interesting!!

Check me out sometime.

Alexia said...

Love it! That was a great idea, too bad the secretary couldn't have super played it up LOL I love watching the office (I'm about to check out the British version, my brother said it was even better!)

I gave you an award over at my blog!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

That is hysterical. Loved the line about the receptionist just needing a victim.

At least Jim just threw you under the bus and didn't back up and run over you again and again. Sorry...I've been aiting to use that line since I heard that Nancy Pelosi said it to Barack Obama

Kyle said...

Very funny.
And if I must say, very clever.
A very proud sure to hold your head high.

The Davidsons said...

Ha! You crack me up!
(By the way, I made it over here by way of Sara at ...make music from your heart to the Lord.)

Brenda Susan said...

Sounds like you have a fn place to work. I was the "Pam" at our large church for 4 years.

sheila said...

VERY funny post! I recently became a fan of the Office...on the advice of my 14 yr old son believe it or not. Hysterical show.

What's next said...

Ok, you are the master!!! I LOVE it!!!