Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Slanguage--Are You Down With It?

Wow. You all care A LOT about grammar and punctuation errors, according to the comments on my post about apostrophes the other day. Now I'm all paranoid that if I misspell or try 2 B 2 hip, you will cut me loose. Because you're not putting up with sloppy errors. (Do fragments count? Because I love fragments.)

Anyway, in the interest of keeping you moms (my "homeslices" as my daughter would say) hip to the groove, I'm going to share more languag-y wisdom with you.

Let's take stock a moment. Do you think you're caught up on, or down with (as it were) today's youngsters' slanguage? According to Trend Central, here are a few of the latest, with my editorial comments added for extra clarification and some wicked-sweet middle-aged spin. (Huh?)

Povo (po-vo)
adj. Spawned from the increasing popularity of new HBO series Summer Heights High, the Aussie slang for poor has infiltrated the vocabulary of recessionistas everywhere
"Caroline, I can't go out to dinner tonight: My pay cut has left me totally povo."
[Sounds like what puppies die from. Also, aren't the Osmonds from Povo, Utah?]

v. To stay home with your boyfriend/girlfriend to cuddle
"It's raining and cold outside; I think I'll skip the bars and cupcake tonight."
[Improvement: "It's raining and cold outside. I think I'll skip the bars and cuddling and just eat a boatload of cupcakes tonight."]

Hot Room
n. A social setting that involves a mix of people whose relationships to each other are, well, complicated
"I was sitting next to my current flame and then my ex walked in with his current girlfriend, who I had a falling out with in high school - total hot room!"
[Hot Room: A room containing a perimenopausal woman. Also applies to cars, doctors' waiting rooms and especially fitting rooms.]

Pwn (pone)
v. To "power own" something or someone. Derived years ago from World of Warcraft smack talk, this slang has been adopted throughout other online games, and has since surfaced in the mainstream real world
"I pwn-ed Stephen last night in Wii Tennis."
["I totally pwn the best parking space every day at work! Woo! I rule! The first shall be first!"]

Epic Fail
n. A frequently used term in the video game community that quite simply means you really messed up and/or something/someone is an utter failure
"Dude, your attempt to get that girl's number was an epic fail."
["Dude, your attempt to do Weight Watchers on your Royal Caribbean cruise was an epic fail."]

n. Two people who are equal in depth of arcane knowledge
"I knew I had met my geequal when Frank showed me his Star Wars light saber iPhone app."
["I knew I had met my geequal when Sylvia and I wore the same high-tech light-up Christmas sweatshirt to the office party."]

adj. A term used to describe people's need for recognition and self-fulfillment via the Internet. This is accomplished with incessant Facebook status updates and TMI-Twitter feeds, and serves the purpose of making one feel important and/or noticed
"My friends consider my need to Twitter detailed accounts of my trips to Trader Joe's, the gas station, and my opinions on anything, really, to be annoyingly myselfish. I consider it shameless self-promotion!"
[Some people think having your followers on your sidebar is a bit myselfish, but really, it's just shameful self-promotion! Like taking the best parking space!]

n. Taking a vacation from being a hater where you are committed to not saying anything bad about anyone or anything; synonymous with "moral cleanse"
"Whatever, I know you have an opinion but just can't speak your mind because you are on a hate-cation."
[I would say something about a certain woman on "The Bachelor," but I'm taking a hate-cation from slamming people I don't even know. For a while.]

adj. A term used to describe people or things considered to be cool or trendy
"The pop-up art gallery on Elizabeth Street is alt-worthy."
["When I attempted to cut my own bangs, the result was definitely alt-worthy.]

'Kward (kwerd)
adj. Awkward
"Whoa, that conversation was very 'kward."
["Whoa, when I tried to have an "Ugly Mug" contest and no one on earth owned an ugly mug, that moment of realization was very 'kward.'"

OK, so, "Yo. Werd to your blawg. Keep it real."

What slanguage did you use most often when you were growing up?
Do you know any new terms I didn't list here?


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Amazing! I did not know ANY of those "words"!! Guess you can tell I'm way out there (meaning old!!)

(Loved "povo"....and I thought the same thing!! sounds like that doggie virus thing!)

Tightening the Corset Again said...

I blog almost entirely in fragments, that's how I think. My spelling is practically perfect but I did get an anonymous comment correcting my spelling of antibiodics - so now I spell it correctly and emphatically as antibioTics...

Love this post!

Dena said...

Usually the only other words/phrase I hear is when I make a sad attempt to talk all cool like the youth of today. Then one of my kids will say "Seriously mom, stop", and of course I do, 'cuz I'm down with that.

Susan Storm Smith said...

I am totally laughing ... NOT POVO Utah, I was born there and believe me I have a few other names for it {{giggle)))

The Osmonds were not originally from Utah but due to the healthy living and was so much cheaper than other states to live--made the big move.

And I too didn't know most of the words! Cute post and quite informative.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Aren't ALL mommy bloggers myselfish? And fragments are totally acceptable. I do fragments. Dangling participles, however, are hanging offenses.

Garden Girl said...

OH HON! We here in Bawlmer have a ton o'sayins! Here are a few, and to get you up to speed on the Bawlmerese language check this It is a real eyeopner!
Zinc = sink
worsh = wash
ie: Don't forget to worsh your hands in the zinc.

Paramour: What your neighbor uses at 8:00 am Sunday morning

Roont = ruined
Noosepaper = where you read the funnies



I think that is enough for you to take in this early in the morning.
Don't want to overtax your brain.

O, I am so down with CUPCAKE! I especially liked your spin. Bring it.

Stacy said...

I am totally laughing out loud at this one! I do not know how you come up with your posts. Sometimes, I think I would like to get inside your head to figure it out but then...I think I better simply observe from afar. :-)

Thanks for the laughs on this cold morning!

Jan Ross said...

I like to think I am cool because I work with kids but I have never heard of most of those expressions. I have never even heard of the show where Povo came from.

And thank heavens I now know how to pronounce pwn. I thought it was pronounced pawn. That would have be a total faux pas if used in the wrong company. Like with my fifth graders. Who think I am already so uncool, it's unreal.

My ADHD Me said...

I thought I was the only one that got pwn-ed every day!
Not only that, but I am gay....not that there's anything wrong with that!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Too funny. With a couple of teens back in the house I had actually heard a couple of those terms. Thanks for clearing up what they mean.

Not to correct Dena, but the one I hear most is "sursly" which is what I'm guessing her kids say rather than seriously.

Patricia said...

As long as you know the when to use 'I' or 'me' you can say whatever you want with as many fragments and misplaced commas as you want!

I'm so sick of the pretentious use of I....somehow the backlash of the "me generation" has caused everyone to forget basic word usage! For instance, I read this phrase the other day "my husband and I's car." WHAT???

Plz, people: read this - Using "I or Me"

Sorry, girl. That rant wasn't for you. Just have that one pet peeve. Sometimes it runs away with me.

P.S. Either Hollywood script writers are also uneducated (I've heard the misuse of I more than once!) or Hollywood actors are not learning their first "R".

Mocha with Linda said...

My ability to communicate in this manner is an epic fail. It's just too 'kward.

When I was in high school, everything was "to the max."

I also remember "gag me with a spoon." And then for really horrific stuff, we'd say "gag me with an entire place setting."

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

Our family has its own slang that many outside the circle are puzzled by. Too long to explain here.
Please don't take away my fragments. I heart my frags.

Liz said...

The only word that makes any sense to me is "hot room". But some of them just cracked me up! My favorite has to be "hate-cation".

Thanks, Linda. You always know just what to say to make me laugh.

Lois Lane II said...

I feel so old and out-of-date, lol! And I thought I was so "in" listening to TI!! LOL!

Mommy, the Human Napkin said...

Okay, I'm just going to admit that my husband and I use "epic fail" on a regular basis. Like when one of the kids spills something on the floor, I'll throw my arms in the air and yell "epic fail!" It breaks the tension and lets them know that they're not in trouble because it was an accident. Then they're usually more apt to clean it up themselves, at which point, I'll yell "epic win!"

This came about after my husband and I became gamers several years ago (yes, World of Warcraft), and a love of this website: We laugh ourselves silly.

I also probably use "dude" way more than I really should. And "seriously," except I pronounce it correctly, not like these teenagers today.

Greg C said...

I like to toss in the old slang when having a conversation with my kids. It totally messes them up. Next I take the new slang and mess that up on purpose just to tease them. For instance, instead of saying He's on the downlow, I will say He's on the uphigh. My son likes to say: What's the French, Toast? So I say what's the French, fries? Cute post cupcake.

Alexia said...

I can't believe I didn't know any of those words LOL I'm way outta the loop I guess! It's nice to know what Pwn means though - my card game on my phone keeps using it and I was wondering what the heck it meant!

Susanne said...

Ha! I didn't know a one of those except the cow one at the very beginning! My kids don't use a whole lot of slang. Well, around me anyway.

I drive them crazy whenever they say "Hey" as the starting word when they're saying something to me. I always respond with "straw's cheaper, grass is free", which is something that was said all the time when I was a teen. It makes them nuts because they don't get what it means even after I explained it to them. LOL. I love getting a rise out of them with it.

Garden Girl said...

Instead of "Far Out!" Which I used all the time, I would also use, "Near IN!"

Sue J. said...

Guess you don't need apostrophes in slanguage either....

Is it good if it keeps them talking?! With all the tech, the talk has gone out of style. Why talk when you can press a few symbols on a keypad and "say" the same thing?!

I'm steamed every time my 4th grader comes to the table with a book, because that's not quality face time! I can't imagine her with a texting tool.....

Hey...what's happenin'?
Sit on it, Ralph!

Julie said...

Well up in the "Appalachians Mountains"....there's a saying I just heard....


Maybe you can figure it out, "Back a-now I was grocery shopping and the snow began to fall."

Whatcha think?

RissaRoo said...

Hilarious! I am so lost when it comes to slang. Thanks for the primer! Hey, I live near(ish) Povo Utah. I can tell you this much, the air quality here is quite povo of late. I'd say more about The Povo (as it's called 'round here) but I'm tak'n a hate-cation from my feelings about smog and try'n to make myself see my place of residence as more alt-worthy. (how am I doing? I mean how'm I doin'?)

I don't have any good slang to share, just another language pet peeve of mine...where I live, there's a dialect thing where people sort of swallow the ends of their words. "Button" becomes "Buh-un", that kind of thing. I get flack for pronouncing complete words. Sigh.

Susan Storm Smith said...

The Osmonds were born in Ogden, Utah which is North of Salt Lake City, and way north of Provo, [Povo]. Then they went on the road as a barbershop quartet and as the other kids joined in went on Andy Williams, etc. I believe it was sometime in the late 70's or so they moved their recording studio and built a huge sound stage outside Provo/Orem in a beautiful area, and Donnie lives close by having his own recording studio on his property.

Utah is one of the best places in the country to raise kids, and income is sufficient, and of course, it is home of the Mormons

fransmomma said...

wow, i would like to think being near constantly surrounded by all things teenager, i would be 'hip' to the slanguage. i, however, have not heard any of these used before. i guess i need to turn in my street cred card.
i say "seriously" all the time. and i say it the right way, too. seriously. i also say "shutUP!" as opposed to 'no way' or 'you're kidding'.

Anonymous said...

I now feel no embarrassment knowing I once used the words "totally radical dude" in one sentence.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job, though I like your definitions better than the teen definitions! :)

All the kids in my youth group say "swap" and it's supposed to represent the sound of a basketball being slammed into a goal (as opposed to "swoosh"). They say it when the make a really good comeback to someone; like they will say their comeback and then go "swap" to let the other person know they just got pwned.

Also the other night when I was teaching I told them it was time to get down to "bizness" and they told me I was officially too old and too uncool to say "bizness". My self-esteem took a pretty big hit. :)

Amy said...

My high schoolers say totes to mean totally. For example "This song is totes cool" (I am a choir teacher). This is all too funny for me because the use of totally was such a slang word from my 80's middle school/high school days. So it is in fact a slang of a slang. Too funny. Fo-shizle.

Amy (myselfish)

Mel said...

Thank you thank you cause now i can have a conversation with my two oldest without soundiing like I don't have a clue (even though they really believe i don't)

Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

two things:

1. I think of all the people that must be grammatically correcting my blog posts now, and am just waiting to recieve an emailed copy with red typed corrections.

2. I can now read any of your posts on Lost because we found a way to watch the current season on the 'net. I was distraught because if you kept talking about Lost and I couldn't could have be disastrous. BUT I am now caught up...

DayleShockley said...

I don't know any digital slang or street slang, but what about good old Southern slang? Here in the south, we say things like, "Jeet?" That's short for "Did you eat?"

skoots1mom said...

i'm going to get out my spiral notebook and a pen...i have about 40 senior-high students coming to my house 2night for Bible study...will put on extra ears and write down any I hear...may even ask input on WHAT they mean when they SAY it...sometimes they use the words without knowing their meaning...

a recent one they use here...
"creeper"...anyone in the background of a closeup shot of someone leaning in with a V sign, sticking out their tongue, etc. (i still haven't figured out...they sometimes think its funny, some get angry at it, some find it a challenge to always jump in on a shot)...i'll let you know if they give me any NEW ones...
meanwhile, pray my house and I survive :)
nah, we'll be fine...they're great teens (unless you hand them a can of shave cream)

I'm still trying to remember our slang...i'll have to go look in my yearbook.
Great topic, Liddie!!

Heth said...

2nd Cup is so darn educational. I learn something new everytime I visit.

Chatty Kelly said...

That was da bomb, dawg! Let's keep this on the down low, so my peeps don't get all uptight with it. You jiggy with that?

LOL! My favorite is still "Ken Lee"!

Laurie Ann said...

I must be getting old. I no longer have a teen in the house so I'm not down with the new slang. I had never even heard it called slanguage, LOL! I was born in 1970, so in the 80's my slang was so cool. My words were, ya know, like totally awesome! As if I'd even want to go back there. My BFF was a girl named Deanna and that I no longer know. I got in big time trouble because I used the expression bite me at home and didn't know what it meant. It was totally bogus when a teacher would flunk you for dissing her pop quiz. I'm going to stop. Can you tell I found an 80's slang site and took a trip down memory lane? This comment could get so long. Fun post, Linda!

Becky said...

Classic Lindonian fun! Loved every WORD. LOL!

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Love it! I haven't heard most of those but could figure them out. I hate knowing that my kids are going to think I am a total dork just because I'm their mom. Oh well!

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

My kids like to say ' Whats up my Mama' and 'Whats up homey' that is about all I know. Some of those words I have never heard, not even at the school where I work (I will have to listen more carefully:)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Wow, I feel old.

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

These are great---oh the Osmonds are from Provo

Sitesx6 said...

This was the best post EVER. I loved it. I laughed my head off!

My high school girlfriends and I had our own language....we had works for everything. We still talk that way on Facebook and in emails.

Twig= a skinny girl, or a hair tie (That girl had a "twig" in her hair"

I read don't do it= In Glamour magazine they have a "don't do it" article that shows bad fashion...she if we would see someone wearing BAD FASHION we would say, "I read don't do it"

Cute of you= You say something really funny IE: "Chris that was cute of you to say that"

Mahone= a friend in the inner circle of a group of friends = a term of endearment

Hi Mahone- I miss you!

So many more, I don't want to bore you to death. But VERY FUNNy post, I loved "hot room" I'm going to add that to my repitoire!
Kelly in Michgian

Sitesx6 said...

This was the best post EVER. I loved it. I laughed my head off!

My high school girlfriends and I had our own language....we had works for everything. We still talk that way on Facebook and in emails.

Twig= a skinny girl, or a hair tie (That girl had a "twig" in her hair"

I read don't do it= In Glamour magazine they have a "don't do it" article that shows bad fashion...she if we would see someone wearing BAD FASHION we would say, "I read don't do it"

Cute of you= You say something really funny IE: "Chris that was cute of you to say that"

Mahone= a friend in the inner circle of a group of friends = a term of endearment

Hi Mahone- I miss you!

So many more, I don't want to bore you to death. But VERY FUNNy post, I loved "hot room" I'm going to add that to my repitoire!
Kelly in Michgian

Beverlydru said...

I am going to look to you to keep me current.... but that means you have to stay at One-Eighty so you can stay current.

This was a fascinating & fun post!

marina said...

you feel paraonoid think how i feel when i leave a comment did i spell it right what well they think of my grammer my erors ect....

my sisiter says having a blog is selfish b/c it all about me!!! and you think the are holding on to every last word you blog,,NOT...

Patrice said...

Loving the word Hate-cation...can't wait to tell my teenage son to take a hate-cation tomorrow! Ahahahahahaha!!

We really do not use alot of slang around our house, ya know, we are rednecks hicks! Our biggest word we use is good-government, which is an oxymoron! Actually we do call ourselfs hick-a-billies, does that count?? You know rednecks are alt-worthy these days!

I think that's a big Epic Fail on trying to use these words!! Tomorrow I am going to try to use each on of them at work, they will love it!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

You had me rolling on this one girl! FUNNY !!! Thanks for all the explanations! I am WAY out of the loop.....meaning NOT cool!:)

Kim Boley said...

Wow! How refreshing this blog was. It helped me soooo much. I'm dealing with "Empty Nest Syndrome" and I don't like it. It is hard. Thanks and May God Bless you always. Kim

DidiLyn said...

I adored these! I now want to memorize them and toss them haphazardly into every conversation I have.
You are very cool, Lid.

sheila said...

Ha ha ha haha, that was pretty good! ha! I always have grammatical and punctuation errors. Always. Oh well. I should have studied more in school I guess. Very kwerd. lol