Saturday, March 14, 2009

"In the News" and Saturday Mornings

Do you remember the children's mini-news show that aired between cartoons on Saturday mornings in the 70s called "In the News?" The segments were two and a half minute long and ran eight times a morning on CBS. Here's a 20-second snippet of one. I'm not sure who the narrator is; do you recognize the voice?

Anyway, Here's my version of "In the News" today, although it's not exactly cutting edge:

Item 1: Surely I am not the only person to notice the irony of an FDA Commissioner named Hamburg. You can read about President Obama's choice for this position in this Reuter's story, but mainly, I just think it's kind of funny that a Margaret Hamburg would oversee an agency in charge of saving us from deadly salmonella outbreaks, among other things.

Hamburg? Salmonella?

I wonder if Ms. Hamburg will be assisted by Mayor McCheese.

And Bernie Madoff? "Made off?" Seriously?

These are like bad jokes.

Item 2:
Did you have to clean up your room on Saturday mornings when you were a kid? What am I saying--I still clean my bedroom on Saturday mornings.

Remember how you'd try to hide junk like Mr. Potato Head parts because you just didn't know where to put them? Apparently, the U.S. is still using that strategy, dumping junk in space.

In case you haven't heard, three astronauts had to quickly get into a Soyuz thingy which I imagine to be a like a space lifeboat or a bedroom closet because some debris was coming at them too quickly to move the whole space station. So they kind of hid and peeked out windows like I do when someone comes to our front door at night. All this transpired in nine minutes.

According to this Reuters story, some smart person named "Humphries" said,"Even tiny objects pose a risk to satellites and spacecraft orbiting Earth. Because objects in orbit are moving on different paths, at different inclinations and at speeds of 17,500 miles per hour and faster, something as small as a grain of sand can impact with the power of a bowling ball moving at 100 mph, Humphries said.'

That Humphries is a show off.

Anyway, the object, identified as a "blue leg from a Cootie Game," nearly took out the $100 billion Space Station. Just kidding. It was a piece of rocket engine.

In the same article, "Humphries" said that if it had hit the station, the astronauts would have had only 9 minutes of air.


Someone needs to go to space and really clean up that junk, although it seems like there should be infinite room for most everybody's stuff out there, don't ya think? Maybe if we do a good job of cleaning up, we can collect our allowance and have dessert!

Moon Pies?

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The W.O.W. factor! said...

Yep! I had to clean my room on Saturdays too, along with the "chosen" other room...before outdoor play time! However, being the rebellious child I was, I chose to be obstinate as an adult...I play outdoors first and late Sat evening, with Neil Diamond blaring...I clean house!

I love your comparison thinking in this post!!
It's pretty accurate!

Missy said...

So if I had been drinking milk (like I would have on a Saturday morn) it would have come out of my nose! Have a wonderful weekend!

Becky said...

You so funny. Cootie legs... where do you come up with this stuff? :-)

Mocha with Linda said...

Am I the only one who noticed that after talking about the space junk, your devotional talks about cosmic irony?!

And all I say to that Humphries guy is "humph."

My mom didn't let us watch cartoons on Saturday mornings, so I read. But Wikipedia says the narrators were Christopher Glenn & Gary Shepard.

The kids' news I remember from back then were Walter Cronkite's You Were There! films we used to watch in school!

And the Moon Pies? (You are definitely spaced out this morning!) The ones we got came in cellophane wrappers that I used to tell my mom looked just like the ads for Alpo dog food.

Jenny said...

Love the post. I am not aware of the news show, but I was born in the late 70's. I think we need to have an Outerspace clean up day..ahahahaha:)

annie's eyes said...

You know I figured out why you speak to me. You secretly lived in our back bedroom--the one we never went in or cleaned on Saturday--because we shared the same life and, weirdly, many random memories. Not moonpies, though--I'm a space fan but not marshmallows. As usual, a fun post. Love, Annette

Sandy said...

Moon pies and Cootie I had forgotten about my fave, the Cootie game. That's probably why I love to photograph bugs now that I'm older.

Do they still make Cootie games. I'll have to google that.

skoots1mom said...

i was in the car and heard the reports about the astronauts and their emergency was a little scary...i was very impressed at the very good english the russian ground control woman used on her feed to the space station.

as far as moonpies...the home of the moonpies is in chattanooga, TN and as you float by on their Tennessee River tour, they point it out to is the only one in the world. My daddy raised us on moonpies and RCcola...but i was the strange child in the family and preferred the banana flavored ones over the chocolate. :)

My dd's chorus made it onto GMA this morning...woo hoo!..and i was sleepin' in...

lmerie said...

I have not thought about the cooties came in like forever. The picture brought back good kiddo feeling (except the cleaning part - yup we did)

Moon Pies? Have you seen them lately?? I bought a box of peanut butter moon pies a couple weeks ago. They are like the size of a quarter now!! I wonder if Hamburg will say take them back to a healthy size!

All My Blessings said...

I remember "In the News" on Sat mornings. What a riot....Ohhh to be a kid again....naaaa:) Kae

Kim said...

No I didn't have to clean my room on Saturday. My mom was a TERRIBLE housekeeper. We watched cartoons and ate Poptarts or Cap'n Crunch cereal.

But the Moonpies! I loved Moonpies! They're a southern original, y'know. I once met the lady whose family started the business in Tennessee.

Here in Argentina they have something similar but different :-) Instead of a marshmallow center, they have dulce de leche in the middle, but the cookie and coating are the same. They're called alfajores.

My ADHD Me said...

" leg from a Cootie Game..."

You're cracking me up!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

Great post here and at the cafe. Now you make me want to look through the Cabinet for funny names! And doesn't Humphries sound like someone in a BritCom??

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

Love it! I had to clean my room too and I had two. I was an only child so I had my sleeping room, Raggity Ann and Andy, roll up shades, bed spread and curtains. I had a huge red treasure chest for my toy box that I fit in quite nicely!! I liked to hide. Then my other room is where I held school with all my stuffed animals that recently left this world due to a fire in our shed 4 years ago. All my little friends went up in smoke! anyway, I finally found an ugly mug and posted it for ya!
Tootles, Chel

Shelby said...

AWESOME blast from the past! Thanks!

Moon pies? Did someone say moon pies? Yummmmm