Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Makeovers and Leo Sayer

So I'm watching Biggest Loser, and the contestants are getting Hollywood movie premiere makeovers. [Please trim Filipe's hair. Oh, please.]

Envious, that's what I am. On two levels.

Sure, I'd like a bodily makeover from head to toe. But instead of Mr. Tim Gunn or Bob or Jillian helping me, Mr. Elliptical is kicking my patootie.

And here's what I look like after an hour with Mr. E.:

Smeared mascara.
Swallowing water.
Tired and doubtful.


But there's another makeover I'm working on, and you're looking at it right now. The blog, that is.

A week or so ago, I posted a poll asking your opinions about making over 2nd Cup. The overwhelming majority of you said, "Keep the cappuccino machine." I'll try. But I think it's what makes my page load more slowly than some.

They say you start to lose readers after 4 seconds of loading. I just did a test, and I think it takes 6 because of my machine image. Would you like to test your upload time? Go here and insert your URL.

Anyway, I'm leading towards bold colors with lots of white space because I want to look neat and clean. I think it's a Spring cleaning thing. And guess what I noticed? It's funner to do cyber Spring cleaning than washing windows!

30 x 5 - 100: So what approximate 100 cals did you say "no" to lately? I turned down bagels and rich coffee flavoring. I did have a small chocolate, so that wasn't great. But look at what all I would have had, had I not been mindful of saying "no" to something! So that plus one hour with Mr. E. is my latest 30 x 5 - 100 update.

And now I'd like to share something that I discovered through Missy at It's Almost Naptime. This is my Hollywood movie premiere of "Jorge and Linda." It's approximately one minute long, and the best part is near the end. See how I tied the first line of this post to the last? Yeah ... un-cha! Let's dance!


Anonymous said...

Shimmy shimmy cocoa pops! I'd wait 14.5 seconds for your blog! ; )

missy said...

love your blog. love the 2nd cup of coffee theme. totally don't think you need the cappucino maker. don't think it adds anything and i definitely ditch out on blogs that take too long to load. i like your ideas for the makeover.

Anonymous said...

I said "no" steak and had homemade squash soup instead. Better for my heart, right?

Then I got my butt off the couch and ran/walked our entire campus with my neighbor. No treadmill cat for me this time around!

Shawna said...

I think you look foxy after working out! I know your hubby does too. I'll bet it drives him mad.

I agree that the coffee maker makes your blog load slowly, so I would ditch it too. I'm off to check out my load time.

Come visit me; I blogged about our challenge a bit tonight.

Becky said...

Mine was 4.5... I guess only my most loyal fans will wait out that extra .5

When I click on your bloggy poo the cap machine is sometimes the only thing that shows up. Then I have to close the page and try again. But that is probably my computers fault... not your design.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Makeovers are the best! I'm looking at doing a blog makeover too, just not sure where I'm going yet. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Mrs. E said...

I love the look of your page, but have to confess that I don't like it when it takes too long to load. Think you could find a replacement? Coffee beans or coffee cups maybe?? Just a thought.
I am with you on this, but I'm taking a different approach- 250-350 calories at 5 small meals. The evening meal is the hardest. But I have downsized everything. Between that and the walking/running-- it seems to be working. (Yoga & exercise DVD's when it rains.) I cut out a lot of bread. Wine is a perk--too many calories!

Greg C said...

Cute video. Wait till you see what I have planned. I am up for the challenge so I posted about it. Now its time to move it move it, I like to move it move it.

Chatty Kelly said...

You crack me up! Love the movie. I see one in my future.

I ate sugar snap peas yesterday at 4 p.m. when I was dying but still had 2 hours until dinner INSTEAD of potato chips with dip. I suspect it was over 100 calories I saved.

But I did have 1/4 cup of starbucks ice cream before bed.

Are you forsaking Idol for Biggest Loser?

Jenny said...

I don't have a problem loading you page, but I see that a lot of people do so I guess ditching the cap machine might be a good idea.

You look great after the treadmill, I look like the bride of frankenstein when I'm done.

Kay said...

Your blog might take a second or two longer to load, but it's totally worth it! : )

I like clean and easy to read. Although I can find the text on your blog, so you're ok. LOL

Loooved the movie!

Beth in NC said...

My own blog takes longer to upload than yours. For some reason, your page pops right up -- even with the coffee machine! So what is up with that? lol

I just posted some workout pictures yesterday too (ha). Are we nuts?

sara said...

I had a hard time saying no yesterday, but I did fast walk an hour with my neighbor!!!

can't wait to see your new look!

Dena said...

"In the words of KC & The Sunshine band..." That nearly had me spitting out my water! Too funny!

beckyjomama said...

Your upload time is totally worth the wait!

LOVE the video - the dance moves had me snortin!!!

AND - Biggest Loser! LOVE that show. And, that brother of Mike's? My heart was BREAKING for him! I just wanted to call Bob and say "House calls Dude! That boy needs him some HOUSE CALLS!!!" Then maybe they can send Jillian and Tim Gunn to my house ... but that Australian hair chick scares me a little bit!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

You crack me up. The noise just before the end of the video sounded like Computer Linda crunched some metal a little too hard.

I'll visit you regardless of what the blog looks like as long as it's easy to read!

Oh, and my plantar fasciitis as been killing my feet, but I did skip the chocolate cake last night.

My ADHD Me said...


"Keep the caffeine coming!"

Sitesx6 said...

Come on America-we can wait 10 seconds for the cute little coffee cup to fill on this very cute blog! :)

We can do it. Yes we can!
Fast food, fast oil changes, fast blog uploads.....when will it end? :)

Thanks for your comment on my stay-cation by the way...we are really having a great time-I totally agree about America thinking a yearly vacation is something they MUST all cost. That is why we are all in the pickles we are in.....we don't want to raise our kids that way for sure, your comment was great, I never thought of it that way before....YOU ARE SO WISE on top of spunky and cute and sassy! :)
Have a great day! Keep moving!
Kelly in Michigan

Jamie said...

I watched Biggest Loser too, and I was a bit envious cause I want a makeover too...especially a blog makeover.

I'm not officially doing your challenge (I'm going to go read about it now) but I did turn down the bowl of ice cream my hubby offerred me last night.

Beverlydru said...

I resisted the robins eggs candy on sale half off at the grocery store. I haven't had ANY Easter candy (umm - carrot cake is not candy!) and I had them in my hand.
The I just said NO. Since that was way more than 100 calories, that counts for the whole week, right? LOL. Off to wog again.

The Bug said...

I resisted M&Ms late in the day - I had some nuts & raisins instead. The calorie trade-off might not have been great, but at least it was healthier!

I did my 30 minutes of moving - physical therapy & gazelling...

H-Mama said...

I WISH I could say that I did my 30x5 yesterday. This sore throat is kicking my butt! Breathing hurts it, so imagine me gasping for air on my workout. :( HOWEVER, on the bright side, it hurts to eat some things too... so, I'm sure I saved more than my 100! Does that count? :)

Love your makeover pix! :D

Carmen Gamble said...

Well, I haven't joined the 30X5 challenge..but I am watching my calories...well, points actually. I'm walking, and hula hooping (thanks to Kelly). Sometimes I pick up a can of beans and do some flexing. Hehehe....Spring must have something to do with this movement craze. I know I'd rather be eating...

Laurie Ann said...

While I'm not doing the 30x5 (knee injury, yowza!), I have so enjoyed keeping up with your progress. That elliptical thing would wear me slap out! My page took 4.5 seconds to load. Sigh. What's a girl to do? I love the video at the end. Too cute!

Susanne said...

I didn't eat the blueberry pie calling my name last night.

My page took 4.5 seconds too. Sounds like that is running average. Your page loads fast for me most times. I think it's a little slower when you have a slideshow going. But not slow enough to make me click away or not come back.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Heehee - "keep the caffeine coming!"

I had two strips of bacon, not three (ya, I know). I also made sure all Easter candy left my premises and went to other houses. At dinner I left a thumb sized portion of each thing on my plate. Did 35 minutes on the treadmill.

Teri~Facedown said...

Just stopping by to tell you that I took the kids to McDonalds and did not eat a single fry! (That is HUGE...because fries are my weakness.) But I said NO! Whoop!
(I'm trying to nix all fried food. I've done it before, and I will do it again!)

Esthermay said...

I'm only here because your beautiful - yet grumpy, tired and doubtful - face was in the sidebar of my own slow-loading blog and I had to see "what the ___???"White space is nice. Keep the cappuccino machine. It's way cool. But Wait! How slow would 2nd cup load if you put the dancing Lego-People on your Header?

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Leo Sayer ... really?

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Yes, Leo Sayer.