Friday, May 22, 2009

5 Faves of Spring? Some Things I've Wanted to Share With You for a While But Couldn't Decide How to Lump Them Together Until Now

5 Faves of Spring Thanks to Susanne at Living to Tell the Story

Welcome to my town's version of The Le Brea Tar Pits.
Yes, I actually got out of my car and took this picture just for you because it belongs in the "I Know You Think I Make This Stuff Up" category. This is a sure sign of spring in our town, which inexplicably boasts some of the worst roads in a state with some of the worst roads in the country. This thing is about 6" deep, so you can imagine what happens when you hit one like this; you almost lose your teeth. Or your car, if it's a Honda.

The further demise of our drive-in theater.
According to this AARP publication, Indiana ranks 3rd in the nation behind New York and PA, respectively, in numbers of drive-in theaters. I myself have never been to one, although this one has been here long enough that Abe Lincoln once took in a couple of matinees before he moved to Illinois. Just kidding. Mamie Eisenhower actually car hopped here. Kidding! Hard to say what the last move shown here was. Looks like "The Exorcist Los Lobos for Sktr. Tr." Apparently, one of those artsy films.

I know that you think the sign on the screen above says "Ski-Hi" as in "Sport of Snow-Hello" but it is actually pronounced, "Sky-High." We Hoosiers have traditionally been ahead of the pack when it come to things like destroying the spelling of words when naming things so that you can never look them up for info because you didn't think to spell the name that funky sort of illiterate way. In short, Al Gore did not invent texting lingo. We did. Or "We done it."

Jorge doing manly things outside with a head lamp.
Recently Big Mama posted about finding her husband, "P," with a head lamp on. I couldn't believe it because Jorge really enjoys this thing, too. This is a pic of him starting our first fire of the year, but it was so dark he needed to see to start it, so he brought out the trusty miner's head lamp. Of course, everywhere he looks, he lights up his life. And the neighbors' lives. It's a little embarrassing. Sometimes in the mornings, he puts this thing on if he wants to gather his clothes for the day but not turn on the overhead light and wake me up. So he thinks wearing this search light will not disturb me. Imagine waking up thinking, "OH my gosh! I'm having Lasik!"

The Spring Choral Concert. I'll be posting more on this later. My kid is on the far left. You know, the one that clearly shines even though she's in the shadows.

OK, this is pretty sweet. This is Charlie Cardinal, Ball State University's mascot. I live in a college town. The cardinal is our state bird. Just looking at this green grass against his scarlet plumage makes me want to tweet. Oh that reminds me; I joined Twitter this week, but I don't know why. I think I need more details to attend to in my life; yeah, that's it!

What are your 5 faves of spring?


Mocha with Linda said...

1. Warmer weather
2. Later sunsets
3. Ending of school
4. Less laundry (winter clothes take up lots more space and therefore equal more loads!)
5. Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait,'ve never been to a drive-in movie by choice, or you've never been motivated enough to actually go?

Because I've gotta tell ya, they're so great!

5 of my favorites:

Reading on the front porch, a.k.a., napping in front of the neighbors on a nice day.

Car rides: windows down, music up, and for a bonus: a suicide Ricker's frozen pop.

Cookouts! Grilled meats, shish-kebabs, potato/macaroni/______you name it/salads, and all the other great stuff about 'em.

Camping! Hiking, kayaking, and being's such a release!

Bonfires. This most definitely includes s'mores, and friends playing music is acceptable most times. If not, a radio or conversation is a staple.

Tammy Howard said...

Oh, I love drive-ins! I grew up in PA (one of the top 2? who knew?) where I still pass not one but two when I go to visit my parents. I remember going as a kid with my parents in my PJ's so I could fall asleep while they watched the second show. I remember going as an older kid and experiencing this:

Then as a teen and - well, just never you mind.

I have never taken my kids and I really should, before they're completely gone (um, the drive-ins, not the kids...).

Drive-ins. Thanks for that.

Jody said...

Spring is but a distant memory - it is definitely summer here! I live on the Texas Gulf Coast, and there are only 2 seasons - hot and not-so-hot.

My faves?
1. Flip-flops
2. Capris
3. Breathing. Seriously, those few days when you can take a breath outside without feeling like you're underwater. Low humidity is a thing to cherish.
4. Setting up the hammock.
5. The smell the first time the yard is mowed. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Zim, when I was little, I wasn't allowed to go (church) and I've just never been, although I've always wanted to. I'm just not sure about this one now; it's kinda creepy. I pass this drive-in 5 days a week.

Chatty Kelly said...

We used to go to drive in movies when I was little. It was SO FUN! Wow, Lid, you made me recall a pleasant childhood memory! THANKS!

AND....ready for it??? I didn't know you were old enough to be in the AARP! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

That would be funnier if I weren't really a card carrying member. 'Cause evidently if you marry old, they count you old by association and let you join. For real.

sara said...

Oh I remember the pot holes in the spring in IN!!! Your car could get swallowed in some!

I grew up in AZ and drives ins were part of my life since I was young. My parents used to take us in our PJs. The first show was a cartoon, then they would put us to sleep in the back of the station wagon and watch the feature film themselves!!! great times. Then as I got older (teen), we had some great time stuffing people in the car (you paid by the car) and sitting on the hood to watch a scary movie!!!

my favs:

1. grilling
2. flowers
3. swimming!!!
4. flip flops
5. SUN!!!

Jenny wren's nest said...

I loved the sky-hi drive in, It was something my family would do togehter.
I moved to blackford co. from muncie and could not believe the differents in the roads. They acually fill pot holes before they get to the size of a plate.

H-Mama said...

you are such a hoot! lasik? ha!!

1. rounding up the school year
2. grilling
3. swimming (although not fond of wearing the swim suit!)
4. smoothie king
5. outdoor walks

Anonymous said...

What a great post!

Hmmm... my favorites are:

1. the sound of the birds chirping in the morning as I sip my coffee in my front room with the windows open

2. the smell of a freshly mowed lawn

3. picking out and planting flowers with my husband and kids

4. bringing out the flip-flops and sandals

5. grilling season!!!!! yeah - my hubby does much of the cooking during this part of the year

Jamie said...

I remember going to the drive-in as a kid, my parents would stick us in our p.j.s and load us in the car. I haven't been to a drive-in since I was a kid...but it sure was fun then.

Susanne said...

It was a sad, sad day that the old drive in movie theatre was torn down around here. So many fun memories attached to it. It was the place I tasted my first pizza pop before they became mainstream in the grocery stores. I even remember which shows my parents took me too in that theatre.

We have pretty good roads in Alberta but our city is prone to big potholes because of the constant frost and thaw we get all winter long and because of old mines that run underneath certain parts of the city. I have to say though I never thought to pull over and take a picture. LOL.

Rhonda said...

Hubs wears his when he cooks as well. I can not tell you how many times he has blinded me with it. And one light is never enough. He usually has 3 strapped on to his cap. Now the boys want them too! it is really hard not to laugh in their face when you see them. Glad to know I am not alone!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

I can hear it now, "Hey, ABE! Guy with the hat! DOWN IN FRONT!"

ellen b said...

Generally Spring in California is uneventful, sometimes a little cooler than summer or a little warmer than winter. :0)
I do love the strawberry stands...
That is one awful pothole btw!
We used to go to drive-in when I was little to see the latest Disney flick! Have a fabulous Memorial Weekend Linda!!

Brenda said...

We have a functioning drive in theater in Sacramento, CA, and my kids like to take the truck and go see a double feature on a balmy summer evening.

I hope you enjoy twitter, I really like it. The picture of that cardinal is amazing!

Jerralea said...

I went to a few drive-ins when I was a kid, too. Anybody remember those little coil thingies that you put on your dashboard and lit to keep away mosquitos? Somehow that was a vivid memory for me ...

I'm not sure but I think the drive in movies is where I saw "Planet of the Apes" and "Patton." Definitely was my dad who picked the movies ...

Willow said...

Once I started going to movies (church for me too) I went to a few drive ins. I loved going!

Oh the head lamp cracks me up. I will NOT be telling The Professor about this. He already has a number of hand held lights and he doesn't need any more encouragement. I figure the big old lights in the university theater should be enough for him to mess around with.

Beverlydru said...

What IS it about guys and those headlamps? My husband has one and loves it. He bought one for our son who loved it and now all his friends have them too. A guy thing for sure - I thought it was embarassing as well! Spring? It's summer here!

Carmen Gamble said...

Loved going to drive ins...ours is now closed :(

1. Barbecuing (okay, we do that in the winter and summer too, but it's easier in the spring--not too cold, not too hot).
2. Tanning (just my arms and 1/2 my legs...don't want to scare anyone).
3. Sunshine and blue skies.
4. Walking in the park.
5. Smell of freshly mown grass.

Karyn said...

I have to say that Potholes would NOT be on my top 5 favorites of spring!

I enjoyed your list/post...and laughed out loud at the thought of your hubby gathering his clothes in the morning with the help of a head lamp! How thoughtful of him.

Barbara H. said...

My kids used to have a head lamp like that and just loved it.

I'm sure the spring concert was great!

I love seeing cardinals in the yard.

elizabeth said...

Haven't been to a drive-in in years, but I do enjoy the memories at least. Get thee to a drive-in Linda!

My spring five:
1. FLIP FLOPS hands down! (though the first bit of time with winter feet isn't so fun)
2. fresh strawberries
3. sunshine later in the evening
4. the birds singing so happily in the mornings
5. butterflies are back!

2Thinks said...

Once again I find myself picturing you driving around, stopping here,stopping there to take pictures of absolutely everything for your blog. It is making me want that Nikon Coolpix plum even more! Do you take the camera to the grocery store in case you witness someone dropping a jar of pickles or make special runs by the car wash to see if someone may happen to be washing their great dane in there or....I find myself wishing I had a camera all the time- everything processes as a potential blogpost. It's like a disease. I actually held the Nikon today. I didn't quite net enough at the garage sale to buy it, but I'm getting closer.

Soon I will have pictures of wonderful things like the sign I saw on my way to work that said: "Please return our pet tortoise!" Now there's a story I can write, I used to have a pet box turtle! I can't wait.

As for Jorge- hey hey with the monkeys man, these guys are great, aren't they. I.T.-ologist, he is this headlamp sort of dude, as well. (of course, you probably knew I was going to say that)

Mee mOe said...

thanks for sharing, come see me soon, ;)

Tricia said...

Love the blog! I got your link from Suburb Sanity, drop by mypurechaos sometime. Just wanted to say HI!

Carolyn said...

Comment love. I'm glad you found me.

Your town feels like mine. Except we are too small to have our own drive-in.

Loving Spring:
1. Baby birds.
2. Baby goats.
3. The 2 weeks it is beautiful outside before the bloodsuckers hatch.
4. Puddles
5. Shaving more than once a month, so I can wear shorts. (I need an incentive.)

Marsha said...

I remember going to the Sky Hi drive-in theater in Muncie when I was a kid. Mom would pop a big bag of popcorn (think a big old brown grocery bag) and we would take our own drinks. We watched Ma and Pa Kettle movies there and who knows what else. The other drive-in there was a popular date place when I was in high school in the stone ages... can't remember the name of it... out on West 32.

Speaking of cardinals. I've seen more cardinals this year than I've seen in my entire life. Northeast Louisiana seems to be a haven for them this year.

Have a good week Lidna!