Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Shouldn't Be Wasting Your Time; I Should be Writing. Or Folding Laundry.

Of course, there is another option. The Bee Gees would say to me, "You should be Dancin'--YEAH."

But I'm bloggin'--YEAH!

Yes, randomness ahead.

This is the point in the day when I had planned to sit myself down and write or edit a piece for my column next Saturday.

But instead I'm checking FB, eating a protein bar, reading Francis Chan's Crazy Love and talking to you because I'm a little stuck for ideas.

Some people say if you just start writing, inspiration will come.

I think inspiration went to the lakes for the weekend or something.

So what's up with you? Speaking of asking what you're doing, that makes me think of Twitter. I'm still trying to figure Twitter out because isn't it merely a glorified FB status update?

And isn't blogging like an extended play Tweet?

Elsewhere in my brain: I'm not up on all the latest about John and Kate, but I hope they pull it all together. I think marriages are like cars; they need regular tune-ups. All marrieds should have stickers on their bodies somewhere saying, "Next counseling appointment 10/27/09 or After Three Held Grudges, whichever comes first."

That is all.

I should be writin'--YEAH.


Lois E. Lane said...

My Mom told me that Twitter has a very low retention rate. I guess you can count me in that statistic. I tried, but since I didn't know many people on it, I found it hard to stay on top of it. Not many people care about what I'm doing hour-in and hour-out :) But the Bee Gees make me think about...chest hair...and crazy cool medallions...

Dena said...

Oh please anything but the BeeGees. My husband is a BG fan to this day and has converted my son. I keep praying there is hope for the boy yet.

I gave up on Twitter. I agree...glorified FB update. Especially when you can have Twitter updates automatically posted on FB.

John & Kate. I think the money has gone to their heads and their priorities are screwed up. God bless their children.

fransmomma said...

my husband is reading crazy love and is using it as the foundation of our youth camp 'theme' and curric this year. hes super excited about it.

Mocha with Linda said...

I don't know if it's columns worthy, but my Saturday post is definitely inspiring! Talk about an adorable couple! Too bad they are an endangered species these days.

I spent the day running errands with my girl. She needs a swimsuit - struck out on that. But we did find her a "peasant-looking" skirt and blouse at Goodwill and then a shawl at Steinmart for her Follies costume for next weekend. And picked up a few gifts. And got home just as it started pouring buckets.

Riveting weekends in the Mocha house, I'm tellin' ya!

Becky said...

You crack me up! Random rocks! :-D

Darla said...

funny thing about that song is...i couldnt understand any of the lyrics but those. all i knew was that i should be dancing!

Christi said...

The thing I like about twitter is that I can post stuff there and feel a bit more anonomous because I don't use my full name there. On Facebook, people know who I am, where I live etc and I use my kids real names because only people I know see that stuff (or good bloggy friends).

Twitter anyone can follow me so there I will use my nicknames and all that stuff. In theory. In practice, I have only signed up but haven't done anything beyond that.

sara said...

so glad you're "bloggin.....YEAH!" because you make me laugh!!!

Kathryn Magendie said...

I am supposed to be working on novel 2 right now - teeheehee - oh oh -- sometimes just sitting down does the trick and sometimes it doens't - sometimes because you have in your mind a thought or idea of what you wanted to write, and it just ain't, I'll write something anything down - just whatever comes to my pea-head and find that all along I had something else to say....and sometimes not *laugh*

I have twitter - I go to it about 1 times a day - so I spend about 2 minutes on twitter a day- if that....*shrug*

H-Mama said...

I just signed up for twitter, but obviously haven't done much with it. There's a link on my blog now. :)

I agree with your view on John & Kate... just sad. I, too, hope they pull it together.

Chatty Kelly said...

I am a huge fan of counseling and believe all PEOPLE (not only couples) should have a tune up from time to time. Keeps me happy. :-) (TMI?)

Jeremy Camp is following me on Twitter, the Jeremy Camp. I can send a message to Jordan Sparks or Michael Hyatt (CEO of Thomas Nelson) (not to mention Linda Crow). Why wouldn't I Twitter? I feel connected! WOO!

skoots1mom said...

i'm sitting in my recliner with an ice bag pack behind my neck praying the swelling goes down...dh and dd are napping. We had lunch with one of our favorite graduates from 2 years ago who is now a missionary with YWAM (youth with a mission)...he'll be heading back to Hawaii next Saturday and this was our last chance to have him to ourselves :)
He'll be leading a mission team to one of the pacific islands this September...that will be exciting to hear about; we keep up on facebook.

Cloudy and cool here today...praying some spirit-filled inspiration your way
Happy Memorial Day!!

Beth in NC said...

Ha, I haven't tried "twittering" -- that's for sure. Facebook and blogger take enough of my time. Does anyone care what I'm doing, really? :o)

I really pray Jon and Kate can work this out. They have a LOT of children who need both of their parents.

Jenny said...

I am stil trying to figure out twitter, but I am just not interesting enough to update that much.

Carmen Gamble said...

Nope, don't twitter...FB ,blogging and my two writing circles are enough. Otherwise I forget to spend time in my normal reality. John and Kate--don't follow it, but I hope they sort it out. I can't imagine having a camera going in my face 24/'s a recipe for disaster! I hope they seek out some good christian counseling to help...too many lives at stake. Randomness--good stuff!

Anonymous said...

You're on twitter?! Just thought about giving it up today! I am on fb and think about updating there. I'm not a huge fan of it, but am trying to give it a try since so many people are using it. I still love blogs. ; )

Debbie said...

I just can't bond with twitter at all. And facebook is OK but I'm not as crazy about it as I am blogging. Plus, I love the Bee Gees.

Jill said...

HI! I am stopping by way of Sara's blog and your photo of The Bee Gees just brought me over!!
I love it!
Should be dancin' yeah!!
That song will be in my head for days!!
Jill from The Glen!

PJ said...

I came to be amused. Thank you. I'm amused.

As for Jon and Kate (+8). The kids are cute, Jon is usually okay ad Kate is such a control freak that I don't know why Jon hasn't taken the batteries out of her remote!!! Some days I find her funny...some days she annoys me endlessly!!

christy rose said...

I think this was inspiring! Just you and what is on your mind. I like posts like that too. Plus, you're funny!

Beverlydru said...

You nailed the description of Twitter and Facebook. I haven't learned to love either of them yet.
I love the line "I think inspiration went to the lakes for the weekend or something."

Beverlydru said...

You nailed the description of Twitter and Facebook. I haven't learned to love either of them yet.
I love the line "I think inspiration went to the lakes for the weekend or something."

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I don't tweet. I mean I have an acct but I neglect it.

There is only SO MUCH Of me to go around!!