Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol & Biggest Loser

Every Tuesday night, I have to make the biggest decision of my life.

Which one do I watch live, and which do I Tivo?

It's like trying to decide which of your children you're going to play with now and which one later. Or which piece of chocolate you're going to eat now and which one you're going to save for later. It's harrowing.

So I did the unthinkable: surfed between the two.

As far as American Idol goes, there's not much to say except: that's a boatload of natural gifting on one stage. Good grief.

My favorite is still Danny Gokey, who was my choice from the first time I saw him, but the other two are brimming with the talent, as well. I do not personally care for Adam's style, but I'm not blind to his ability.

With that said (as they say in "The Bachelor" ad nauseum) I don't believe the premise of the show fits Adam because he has been on big-time stage before, and this show is supposed to pluck unknown underdogs from Denny's and Borders and give them a chance to shine. Also, it's mainly for Pop or Top 40 music, not opera, bluegrass, Broadway or hard rock.

But details, details. In spite of my compulsion as a rule follower to protest, I believe that Adam will win. And you know what? If so, I say, "Ho-hum."

Real Excitement? Biggest Loser Finale!

I never thought I'd enjoy this show so much, but I have been sucked into the real-life dramas of the contestants' lives, loves and struggles. I have been rooting for them and even thinking about the show during the week. No other TV show has done that to me since LOST.

And obviously, I'm interested in weight management, hence the 30 x 5.

So the winner, or "loser" if you will, is Helen. I was rooting for Tara, but I guess it's fun to see a 48 year-old win. Go middle aged ladies!

I do worry that she looks a leetle too thin, though. Hope there's no mental craziness going on there.

So that's it for Biggest Loser. But I'm inspired to keep plugging away. After all, I'm merely 46!


Dena said...

I couldn't agree with you more regarding AI. As far as BL, I too was rooting for Tara. I don't care for Helen's "Look at me" attitude and the way she pushed herself ahead of her daughter. As a mom, I have a hard time with that. But, kudos to her on how much weight she lost.

Anita's Journal said...

Only being 4 years younger the myself, I think Helen weight loss was awesome!

skoots1mom said...

I was so excited for Jerry: 192 pounds (-177, 47.97%) who won the "sent home" after only two weeks and he stuck with it and won $100,000. WOW!
Why am I lamenting over having to lose 40 pounds when these people lost almost 4 times that...this put a new fire under my "tired-of-the-stationary-bike" bottom!

H-Mama said...

yes, i agree! wish gokey would win, but the judges seem to have a love-fest going on with adam. wish tara had won too... never did care much for helen to win after she sent her daughter home.

Debra said...

Like you, I've been a Danny Gokey fan, since the first show and I still hope he wins, but realistically I know that Adam prob will be the winner. He certainly is talented, but I just can't handle his screamy, rock style.

I'm so sad that I had to miss Biggest Loser, but at least now I know who won. Guess I'll have to check it out online!

Kim said...

I thought the SAME thing about Helen....praying she isn't completely obsessed and goes the other way now... :( But darn if it ain't a bummer that Mike loses 207! LBS and still doesn't win!!! Not quite a fair assessment to me, but who am I?

I completely missed AI last night, so I'm super disappointed, but at least TBL is over so I can see AI without any interruptions now.


Mrs. E said...

I was quite impressed last night that two of the "old" people walked away with the money. Let's hear it for maturity! I'm thinking you could use TiVo or DVR. You'll never watch television the same again. (Love speeding through the commercials. I can't watch in real time any more--especially The Biggest Loser who drives me crazy with their cut aways to commercials at crucial times!) Have a wonderful Wednesday.

sara said...

I have not been watching BL, but did last night at the gym! :) I was so sad for the one guy (don't even know his name) that was paired with the heaviest guy ever, he has only lost 40 pounds!! I thought that it had to be so defeating to have been on the show and at the end after every one else seems to have lost 90+ lbs to have to be weighed in front of america and see only 40 lbs.

I was amazed at the 60yr old...way to go!!!

my AI choice has always been Danny! But I love Kris too.

Greg C said...

What the heck is going on here now. You never know what to expect when visiting here except the unexpected. I don't have a tevo or whatever you called it so it's live or nothing. Is anyone else having to go about every 10 minutes today?

Mocha with Linda said...

I have nothing to say.

Unless you want it in limerick form.

beckyjomama said...

I was rootin for Tara too, but am SO inspired that the two winners last night were the oldest contenders!!!!

Go gummers!!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Greg, sorry to have rocked your world somehow, although I'm scratching my head. And no, you're no the only person going every 10 minutes; believe me.

Mel said...

it seems i have missed way too much tv!!!

Sweet Annabelle said...

We surf back and forth between the two shows also! We miss more of the Idol show than the Loser, though - I only got to see a couple sing last night.

Helen is too skinny - you are right! But I was rooting for Tara, too!

Debra said...

No worries, you didn't ruin it for me.....I can still watch it! Thanks for the comment and so glad you liked my hummingbird pics. :o)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

In total agreement on both shows. They need to check Helen for anorexia. 117 lbs? I think I was that weight at 10.

skoots1mom said...

finished working out around 3pm...
(10-min./5-mi bike), (15-min ellipt.), (6-lb weights/upper body), 10-min stretch, 3 qts water...gotta run!

Missy said...

I must say that I can be easily sucked into just about any reality show. Yes, I said any.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

I was rooting for Mike. Tara was TOO competitive for me and I'm not sure how she'll do once there isn't a "competition" to keep her motivated. I didn't like Helen's "all about me" attitude, especially when it came to her daughter. I've known a couple of Mom's with attitudes like that and their families have suffered for it.
I am interested in Jillian's new book that supposedly has the "secret" for women, even us old ones, to lose weight.

Oh, and I am commenting even thought I'm still getting over being mad at you for bringing up "swimsuit season" in your previous post.