Friday, June 26, 2009

"Congratulations, It's a ... Honda"

Yesterday was a momentous day at the Crow household. After a decision process years in the making (not exaggerating about that), we bought a new vehicle.

But we didn't accomplish this without a small story to share, which some of you, my friends, are now going to sit through and pretend you care. You will probably even say "Wow" in a comment. Thank you.

I'll try to be brief:

Narrowed choices down to Honda because of the lifetime warranty, the "We will take your grandkids to Disney World and buy them a puppy every year for as long as they live and the United States is a nation." You can't beat those Honda warranties, and I'm sure there is no fine print we missed. So if in 2050 you see adults with Mickey Mouse ears on surrounded by tons of puppies, you'll know Dennis at Honda keeps his word.

  • Went to Honda to test drive, one more time, the Element (Oh, how I love the orange) and the CRV, the coolest minivan ever, and yet, still a minivan.
  • Good points of Element (if you're me): Lots of room, great panel, rubber on floor instead of carpeting (for those Indiana winters and the slush that ruins car floors), unique "stadium seating" where the back seat passengers sit higher than the front seat passengers, built in cooler, fun to drive, etc.
  • Bad points: Clam shell doors that require you to shut the back door first. Back seat passengers can't get out first; fronters have to let them out. Seats four instead of five.
  • Bad points of CRV: Yawn.
  • I asked Clyde, the first sales guy: "Do you still have the orange Element?" No, they sold it the day before. Color me "Crestfallen Orange."
  • Meet Jorge and Lidna. The two most practical people you'll ever meet in the entire world. We decided on the CRV.
  • Then came the part of the trade-in, and I realized "This is goodbye to my beloved Camaro." Color me "mad."
  • As the paper work starts, I glance up to see a beautiful brand new orange Element drive by the wall-sized glass windows and basically park in front of me. I literally started pointing and saying, "Orange! Orange!" Clyde jumps up and goes out to get the scoop. Yep, just in, brand new, and mighty purty. For about 60 seconds, I was completely confused. Test or sign? Test or sign? Decided "test," and I stuck with CRV decision. Ooh, now I'm double mad because of, excuse me, frickin' test.
  • The whole time we signed the bazillion papers to take that CRV with us (By the way, they videotape that part of the transaction. When I asked why, Dennis said "The simplest way to explain it is we want to avoid a McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit." Oh. That clears up everything. (What? Is he going to throw liquid on us if we don't go through with the purchase?!") I kept dreading gathering my stuff out my car and leaving it for the last time.
  • Paper work done, we head out to the lot where the CRV is now running and cooling down, but my beloved car is sitting there next to it dying of heat exhaustion. The last thing I heard was the Maroon 5 song over the showroom speakers
It's not over tonight
Give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you

  • I didn't want to go home without my little car. But I did, and told myself all the way home, "It's just a piece of metal," to which my alter ego would reply, "Yes, but it's the car Jorge gave you as a fortieth birthday present, and you have loved driving it every day since. It's the reason you learned to drive a stick shift. It's one of your two most valued (really, only 2 possessions of value) possessions. Next you'll be trading in your beautiful, flawless Yamaha piano for a Honda HRX Ultimate lawn mower. Or toaster.
  • So the end of an era has come, and although I do not have buyer's remorse because I think we made a good decision, I am still sad. And that is my story, to which I'm sure you're sitting there thinking, "Wow. She is a nut."

    Have you ever been emotionally attached to a car before??




Mocha with Linda said...

Wow. (Couldn't disappoint you!)

You haven't met practical until you've lived with my engineer husband. It's scary to think what the 4 of us could do.

And yeah, I was emotionally attached to a car. A Camaro Z28 that was my husband's before we married and he traded for my dorky Nova (before we were even engaged - his friends knew he was a goner when that happened). When we got rid of that car, I was bummed.

And BTW, there's always a little loophole in those lifetime warranties, and it's evident in Honda's. When you wrote "and the United States is a nation" I thought, "well, there's Honda's safety net."

You know if you had gotten the orange you would have HAD to move down here to Longhorn Country!!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

It's adorable Linda, congratulations!

PS - I'm oddly attached to my minivan...for no reason...some things are just unexplainable ;)

Mel said...

Love the choice of new vehicles!!!!!!!! Very cool...and I can imagine the bittersweet goodbye on the gift from Jorge...btw what an awesome 40th present.

kristi said...

Nice new ride!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

WOW! You traded the Camaro?!

I know, I know, it was the practical thing to do, but I have such a sentimental spot in my heart for Camaros! I just asked Rocky to find out if the new 2010 ones come with OnStar in case I ever go back to work :)

Is the new one black or navy blue? Iwasn't quite sure from the photo.

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

You're gonna love it. I am a Honda gal. I went to Toyota for a while but now I'm back with my true love. :)

Kyle said...

I'm just trying to figure out who Clyde and Dennis are. (:

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I personally think you made a good choice. I don't car for the Elements and after you spoke about the doors and such, eek.

I might be prejudice as I'm a proud owner of a 2007 light blue CRV. I got it brand new and love it.

I'm sadden that the salesperson mispoke and told you it is a minivan as it's not. It is a classified as a SUV.

I love the versatility. I've packed my car full with eight boxes. I moved all my boxes from my house...about six trips with 6-8 boxes in each trip. I love how the back seat folds down. You could stick a six-foot ladder in there. I've carried lots of huge things.

Enjoy, my friend!!

i love the radio volume/tuner on the steering wheel. I didnt' use that for months thinking, I can just reach to the console. Nope. I love it now and use it all the time.

Lisa Laree said...

(Since you asked...)
In July of 1978 I bought my very own car...a white '78 Mustang with 12 miles on it, for the astonishing price of $4995. About four months later I acquired a boyfriend, who later became my husband. The Mustang was my contribution to our household. It became the second car in 1985, the year we added a mini van and a baby to the family.

In 1992, with somewhere around 120,000 miles on it and increasing difficulty in obtaining replacement parts, my white Mustang was deemed Not a Good Thing by my hubby and traded in on a 1990 Plymouth Horizon (which actually finally gave up the ghost this last spring).

Can I just say...I've always missed my Mustang, and I never liked the Horizon...

Jenny said...

I love the new ride :) I was attached to my last car, because it was the first car that I owned. I got over it after about a week.

Anonymous said...

Love the CRV, but I understand the car attachment. I got an apple red Mustang as a high school graduation present and I drove the wheels off of it. When I found out I was pregnant and we went to the dealership to trade it in for something "family sensible" (and I was totally shocked they traded it because it had over 100K miles on it), I cried a little. A part of me gone. Oh well. I'd much rather have WHY I traded in the 'Stang (i.e. my little girl). :)

Lois E. Lane said...

A McDonald's type lawsuit? Ya, that's weird. Great choice, though! Hondas are tough to beat because they last FOREVER and have super good re-sale value. Hyundai's warranty may be the only one to rival it. Congratulations :)

Kim said...

Can totally empathize with the loss of letting go of your trusty old auto. When our Chevy Astro van died a tragic and sudden death, I was devastated. We had the Safari twice as long but I never stopped yearning for my Astro back. It goes way beyond brand loyalty.

P.S. I still haven't driven our Fiat Uno. I haven't driven stick shift much in years, the drivers here are CRAZY, plus the Uno doesn't have power steering and we live in a hilly town so I'm skeered silly I'll have a wreck my first time out.

Chatty Kelly said...

What do you mean Yawn???? It's beautiful, stylish and oh so amazing. (and it's not orange - PTL!) I love you're new car.

The camero is so yesterday. You are a woman of class & style driving a CRV. Go girl.

Dena said...

Very cute CRV!

I was very attached to my cavalier, but our daughters car got to the point it just wasn't safe for her to be driving it anymore, so we gave her my car and we bought our Vue (which I do love). I loved still getting to see my car whenever she would come home, but then she hit a deer and it was totaled. I was thrilled she was ok, but so sad for my little red car. I even hummed TAPS as it was being taken away by the tow truck - yes, I'm weird. LOL

Jeanette said...

You will love your CRV! We started buying Honda when we took our Chevy in to get some rattly windows fixed and they put in one window that was not tinted. My 3 year old noticed right away but the service manager couldn't figure out "one of these things in not like the others". We traded the very next day and have never looked back.

You will only have to take your vehicle in for scheduled maintenance like an oil change but not for stupid stuff like the radio not working or the electric seats not working. It is a breath of fresh air!

Enjoy it - it is a beauty!!

2Thinks said...

Congrats on very nice new ride. Not even a year ago , we decided it was time to get rid of the navy blue mini van I'd been driving for about 15 years. I wanted the orange Vibe sooo bad. I looked everywhere for one. Orange. Orange. But needed to stay in the price range. Orange was more expensive- every time.

Settled for a silver Chevy Malibu Maxx hatchback- very low miles, one owner, price was right.

Still want orange.


Rachel said...

Ooh girlie... you hit a sore spot with that one. I "lost" my poor Ducky - a brilliant yellow Escape last year when a hit-and-run driver smashed into me at 50mph. That poor Ducky gave everything to let me walk away (mostly) unscathed. The pics are truly sad. But you'll have some great memories to make with this new car - with all five riders, right?!

And by the way... it cracked me up that you called yourself "Lidna" in your post ;)

jbanks said...

Ummm...aren't you supposed to down-size your cars as your family gets smaller and you approach empty nest??? :)

I was emotionally attached to my very first car...a 1968 VW beetle (this was in 1974). I don't know why I had such an attachment to it - it was painted 3 different colors, you couldn't drive at night if it was raining because the lights and wipers wouldn't work at the same time, and the blinkers sounded like ducks.

All I can say must not have taken much to make me happy back in those days.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I can honestly say I have never been emotionally attached to a vehicle, however I did have to get up and leave the room and have a small hysterical crying jag the day we closed on my old house. I had to get up from the table and ran from the room and hid in the bathroom until I could compose myself long enough to return and sign my home over to these unworthy folks who wold now be living in "MY HOME".

I have been living in my new house for almost four years and I still think about that old home and still feel very proprietary. I have even refuse to make the drive by because I do not want to be dissillusioned by what the new owners have done to it! Sad but true!


Susanne said...

I just have to say: Wow! LOL.

I can just imagine all the feelings you went through letting the camaro go, Linda. I haven't ever had a cool car like that to get emotionally attached to but each of our vehicles had their own memories attached to them.

Although I love the orange of the Element I do like the look of the vehicle you chose much better. Enjoy driving them new wheels!

Ballerina Girl said...

Wow! (just had to put that in there :)
Really cute minivan..looks more like a crossbreed between a SVU and ?? well, a car/minivan...
anyways, really nice.
I was attached to the last two cars we owned, which we sold when moving Toyota 4Runner for all the coolness I felt when driving it. It was huge compared to me...and I loved it! Then there was my husband's BMW convertible...ah, that was heaven. We did a European delivery where you go to Europe, pick up your car, drive it for a little bit, and then they ship it over. It saves you a lot of money and plus we got a great trip from was beautiful!!
Well, one day we will have another car....maybe after buying a house?


Kathryn Magendie said...

nice! :) I've had one new car my entire life and it was a lemon! But my Subaru I bought second hand has been the best car I've EVER had :)

lailani said...

Great new car! Enjoy . . . :)

Michelle said...

Bless your heart! I am totally feelin' you! We bought a new minivan (YAWN! hahahah) on Dec. 31and I actually cried leaving my Hyundai Sante Fe sitting there on the lot. I was so attached because that's the car we drove 2 hours away to pick up our adopted son in. That's the car we drove when he was hospitalized at 13 months with double pneumonia. Yes they're just huge chunks of metal, but they're like a part of the family as well.
Enjoy the new set of wheels though! You'll enjoy making memories in the new car now!
Have a great week!

Roxanne said...

Yes to emotional attachment


YOU WILL LOVE YOUR CRV. We've had ours for 9 years and are about to buy a Kia Rondo because it seats
7. Our CRV only seats 4 with shoulder belts and has 138,000 miles and is 9 years old.

But we're keeping it--not trading it in--until the tires fall off. Hondas are forever.