Thursday, August 27, 2009

TV is on the blink ... Now what?

First of all, let me say a big THANK YOU to all of you for your kindness yesterday concerning the laundry room unveiling. The comments I received were so sweet and affirming I think I could live on them for a week. You make me want to re-do another room just to get that love again! But then I might lose Jorge's love because I would be spending a lot of money. Sigh. Can't win 'em all. But I just wanted you to know how good you made me feel.

Now, if you read here often, you know that I do like to watch TV. Not to the exclusion of more lofty pursuits like making S'mores, but hey, I've gotta be honest.

And I'm not snooty about having HD or big screens or dozens of channels. I just want some good ol' talent shows, dating shows, weight loss shows, people who didn't know they were pregnant but had babies shows, stranded on an island shows and how to talk to animals shows.

Occasionally I get all high-brow and watch Dateline, but you know, it's not that often. Sometimes I just pretend to watch it to impress Jorge.

And if I'm feeling real, real guilty about all the mindless drivel I've been sopping up, I take in a PBS program, and that cancels out the influence of a week's worth of junk shows.

I think you can see I'm intentional about this pastime.

Lately, our old TV has been on the blink. The 36" sleeps there in its cabinet until we nudge it awake. And then, like a 46 year-old woman, it has to warm up before video and audio are coherent.

For weeks, we have grown used to diagonal technicolor lines and the mysterious voices behind the apoplectic visuals.

Today, though, when I turned it on, this is what I saw, and I knew it was bad:

This, of course, means the same thing as the dreaded Windows "blue screen of death."

Now what?

Well, I will want to buy a new one.

Jorge will drag his feet.

Sticker shock will cause him to faint right there in HH Gregg or wherever.

This is why I always carry a bucket of water whenever I go shopping with him.

Then he will probably want to do some research, and I will get engrossed in whatever's showing on the 30 TV screens there in the store.

To be honest, I really don't like the looks of the flat big screens that just sit there looking stark, like a floating head. They remind me of aliens for some reason. But I'm pretty sure that's almost my only choice now.

And what I dread the most is learning the new system. (As if my life isn't full enough of that at work right now.) I don't want a million channels and split screens and all that jazz, as they say in the rest home.

I just want a plain old TV that I can talk back to when the need arises. That's all the interaction I want.

Nevertheless, I know what's coming. It's going to be complicated.

Do you have any advice? If you really like yours, will you tell me what it is and why? Any warnings?


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I think you will find the prices not so bad.....We have TV's everywhere, our TV in the family room had a power surge from a storm a few weeks ago and that was the end of I have just done TV researching...I do like the flat sceen and found one that fits our amoire perfect...a 42 inch ( I think)...found the best price at it so much and its very user friendly...that I am going to buy the same tv in a smaller size for my grandsons room.....He needs a new one...

Hope you will stop by and visit my new Christmas blog that I launched today.

Tabi said...

I have nothing in the advice column sorry...I am like you, hoping my tv doesn't go out on me because I don't like the new tv's at all! I think everything looks funny on those flat things!!

Mrs. E said...

I like my TV because it comes on! (I'm not particular.) Shopping for TV's is right up there with shopping for cars-- just park one and I'll use it. I HATE looking and sales talk and paperwork. I just want one that works.

sara said...

You use PBS like I use diet coke!!! :)

I inherited my aunt's flat screen and I actually love it. the quality of the picture is amazing compared to our ancient one!!! It's an Insignia

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

My bff owns an electronics repair shop...knows lots of tv's and has given us a couple in the past...She recommends LCD's over plasma, because they are cheaper to repair when they go out, and they will. Also, she says to always purchase the extended warranty. I have a 32" that's inside my entertainment center, with doors. I hate the "big eye looking at me" in the room. I know I'll probably have to get a flat screen soon. Not happy. Not happy at all... :/

Kelly Combs said...

I can't believe there is a husband out there who isn't thrilled with the idea of TV shoppping. My husband LOVES it.

No advice. My hubby handles this on his own.

Kim said...

Can't help you. The tv we have now we picked up from our neighbor and although I'm pretty sure it's a color tv (although we're only see fuzzy black and white things on the screen now), it doesn't have any of the bells and whistles of say the last 40 years. LOL We're not even sure we can hook the thing up to get cable if we want.

And the last tv we had in the U.S. was of the same vintage and housed in one of those big cabinets that weigh a ton and take up a 3'x3' area of your living room.

Kay said...

I got over the weird look of a bigger tv when we went HD and all that a while back. I kept saying "it's too big" right when we brought it home, but I finally got used to it. We bought a smaller one for the bedroom and office and we noticed that there wasn't much of a size change and the adjustment was easier. Hope you find something you like. : )

The Bug said...

That's it - I'm making a trip to Muncie. We got one of the new flat screens when we moved (it's fairly small), but our old TV was perfectly fine. It's in the garage. I would LOVE to give it to you! It wouldn't be an upgrade - I think it's the same size as yours. And, you know - it's not really all that inconceivable since I live 2 hours away. We could meet in Richmond... I'm being serious!

Mocha with Linda said...

The flat screens are really nice and don't take up so much room. I'll be glad when we get a big one. I have one in my kitchen.

2Thinks said...

We have an old t.v. with a big, um, boob, i think they call it, sticking out the back, so it can't sit up to the wall for sure. I want a big, flat screen, about 55" would be good for me. We have no cable, I want cable though, no dish, no rabbit ears- they broke. We did have to get "the box", it doesn't work well. The programs stick in place, then start up again, all the way through any show- any channel. We are apparently too cheap to do anything about it. I don't know. It's just not worth the frustration to me. I don't watch it. I want to. But I do not.

Every blue moon, this t.v. sort of gets working correctly-ish. I might watch something on it then, depends on what others are watching. I never seem to have control of the remote.

Janice said...

just happened to notice the color surrounding the tv set... more vivid color! I give you kudos as I dont think my hubby would let me paint one wall in any shade of red/pink... and you look to have two rooms of it! Well Done!

Susanne said...

Sorry your tv flatlined. So sad. I can't believe you have a hubby who doesn't like electronics shopping. I didn't think there was such a thing. :v)

We have a Pioneer plasma flat screen and love it. We wanted LCD buy way too big of a price tag. And now that I've had HD tv I wouldn't trade it. Love the clearness.

Sara said...

Just bought a Vizio 42" HDTV at Costco last week. We thought it had the best color and sharpest picture. Plus, we have friends who've had good luck so far with their Vizio's. Be sure to check the various processor speeds along with other features because, as I understand it, with HDTV the faster the processor, the sharper the picture. There was a 47" for only $100 more, but that's because it had a slower processor, so those prices tell you something about the features.

Blah! and... that is all I want to say on that subject! Why should one have to get all educated about something you only shop for every 12 years???

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

I'm no help. I have your tv's twin in my cabinet. I'm not a fan of the flat screen either, but I think you can get the flat screen effect with a "regular tv" for your cabinet now.
Sorry! I'm clueless.

Lelia Chealey said...

I have one just like your old one you can have. Plus you get Alivia too because when the screen goes black you just holla out her name loud enough she could hear it no matter if she is indoors our outdoors and she comes a runnin', slaps the side of the TV, regular programmin' resumes, you mutter thanks, and she goes back to her bizness, and you watch your show until it goes black again then you just holla...send me your address and both will be on its way. Oh, and if you lose the remote, just holla cuz she changes channels too.

Anonymous said...

Go with a DLP (the guy at Best Buy will know what this is) instead of an LCD or Plasma; you don't get the "burn-in" on DLPs like you do the others. For example, if you watch Fox News 24/7, some TVs will "burn" the logo into the bottom corner and you can see it on other channels.

We bought a Toshiba DLP back in 2005 and it's been a wonderful TV. The high def is amazing! And you can probably get a good deal on one if you shop around and compare prices. Don't be afraid to haggle; those guys want the sale and will do pretty much anything to get you to buy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more thing about the DLP that you get versus Plasma or LCD (at least it was like this when we shopped for them)... on plasma & LCDs if you move too far to the left or right of the screen you can't see the picture anymore. With our DLP you can sit anywhere in the room and see a perfect picture; you don't have to be sitting directly in front of the TV.

Baba's Special Babies said...

Hi Linda, my mom's TV went out on Monday and she went to Best Buy and got a 42 inch Plasma Panasonic for 649.00 .. She loves the sharp and clear picture and is thrilled with her purchase!!! Good luck on shopping for your new set.Hugs,

H-Mama said...

Sigh... Too bad we don't live closer. I'd give you the TV we are replacing with an alien to hang on the wall. ;) We like alien TVs. You must get a new one before Biggest Loser premiers!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

The hubs just bought a new flat screen. He did all the research, spent months online comparing prices (if you can catch a good sale the prices really are not too bad)

I think some of the stores even have a calculator that will help you determine for your room how big you can go.

Our's is a Sony 42". The picture quality really is wonderful and I love being able to see things now in the wide screen. Our old set was so old that when all the programing went to wide screen you could tell that we were only getting a small portion of the picture.

The tv is HD compatible but as of yet we have not hooked it up to HD, that cost extra on the old cable bill.

Good luck in the search, I know it can be a bit mind numbing!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, love your blog and just popped by to say ....GEY A BIG BIG FLAT SCREEN TV.....'cos all the programmes, including the really bad ones,look soooooo much better, and the wildlife progs are amazing!!

Tammy said...

I love my flat screen TV and I know how to work the remote.....that is all.

Carmen said...

My advice is a 7 ft. wall/ceiling screen and mount a projector (at least 2000 brightness).

Jorge will be thrilled! (He may need a drooling bib),and your kids will love you! Waaaayyyy better than a flat screen!

Praise and Coffee said...

We have the same exact TV and are facing the same dilemna~!!~

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

One of out two ancient TV's is bound to look just like yours soon so I've been asking around - plus Mom just had to get a new one too. Do you think this new fangled HD is secretly killing old TV's? Anywho, AVOID anything plasma! LG or Samsung are the best brands according to a number of semi-experts. Goodluck!