Monday, October 12, 2009

Who are Hall and Oates? What is Wrong With You.

OK, people. I've had about enough of your Hall and Oates illiteracy. Come out of your comas and get your diplomas. Wake up and smell the "Blue-eyed Soul."

Yes, it's true that when I first started talking about Hall and Oates to my then teenagers, they had no clue who/what H&O are.

"Hauling Oats?"
"Holland Oats?"
"Hauling Goats?"

I thought I would bust a gasket, whatever that means. Clearly, I had not done my job as a mom (or blogger) by not introducing them (and you) to one of the most prolific 80s music writer/performers, whose careers have lasted literally for decades, from the 70s to now.

But every time one of you says, "I don't know who that is," I want to say, "What is wrong with you people? Are all of my blog readers 12 years old?"

I never realized, in younger years, how much I actually enjoyed their music, until one day I started mentally listing all of their songs that I always listen to completion on the radio.

And then I bought CDs.

And then I bought concert tickets a couple of years ago. I had not bought a concert ticket since the 80s. That's how BIG this was to me.

And then ... just when Hall and Oates were about to "make my dreams come true, ooh-ooh, ooh-oo, ooh-ooh" Daryl Hall contracted Lyme Disease and they had to cancel concerts.

Lyme Disease? Yep, and pretty serious, too, evidently.

Daryl Hall Lyme Disease Interview - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Since then, the duo has never been back around this area.

So I'm starting to think Lyme Disease was an excuse not to see me, Daryl Hall. Because I've learned that most things in life are about me.

Anyway, here is a short list of songs. I know that you're going to slap yourself upside the head in recognition:

Sara Smile
She's Gone
You Make My Dreams
Private Eyes
I Can't Go For That
Rich Girl
One on One
Say It Isn't So
Out of Touch
Kiss on My List (the quintessential Oates back-up "la-la" song)

I was going to say which is my favorite, but I just can't. Special fondness for "Rich Girl" "Can't Go for That" and "Kiss."

One of the well-known aspects of the group is that Daryl Hall almost always sings lead, and John Oates almost always sings "Ooh" and "La" and other echoing phrases. Many have joked that this is a point of contention between them. Apparently not, since they've been playing together since the 70s.

People love to do parodies of Hall and Oates, including a political SNL skit last Fall. Not sure how Hall and Oates feel about the parodies, but I think they're great.

And then there's this one from "Psych," which my family loves. You have to watch a 30 second ad before the parody, if you're interested.

At any rate, I hope I have answered the question "Who are Hall and Oates" adequately because I never want to hear that question again from you.

Here's the real deal, in all of the 80s glory. Trivia: Which Julia Roberts movie features "Maneater" on the soundtrack?


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Love me some H and O! Seriously, can you name one band in this generation that will be classic in the next??

Anonymous said...

I loved Hall and Oates as a teenager... LOVE them!!! I used to listen to them on a cassette deck! Fun post!

Quilldancer said...

Runaway Bride? And I didn't have to be told who Hall & Oates are. I think I know all their songs!

missy said...

trivia question: runaway bride.

LOVE hall and oates. i'd have to say "you make my dreams" is my fave.

so sorry darryl dissed you.

Darla said...

i can't believe there was anyone who didn't know Hall and Oates? i was born in 1970 and i remember listening to them throughout the late seventies until even my high school years, LOVE them! however, i had forgotten about them until you mentioned...thanks for the blast from the past.

Sarah said...

Haha...I'm a guilty one...not 12 years old. But, close. 27. ;)

When I asked my hubby if he'd heard of them he was all like, "psh-yeah." Ok, ok. He doesn't really talk like that. But, he did say "Hall & Oates...sure I know who they are" and he told me you could hear most of their songs on a Time Life Infommercial. And I was like, "What's that?" :) Oh. My. Once he explained it, I was on it. He's 9 years older than me... :)

And "rich girl." Pretty sure I've heard that playing in WalMart or something...does that have something about "old man's money" in it...and that *word* - which is pretty much all that stuck out to me. I must admit. It was pretty catchy...and the tune is now STUCK in MY HEAD. will I EVER sleep? ;)

Mrs. E said...

My guess is "Pretty Woman."

Lid, I think you need to head over to Easy Street today. I think we might both be in the same predicament.

noexcuses said...

Oooohhh, thanks for taking me back to a sweeter time in my life!! I love H & O. Their music was perfect for my aerobic classes back in the 80's!!!

I think I'll agree with Runaway Bride!

Kaye Butler said...

Runaway Bride

I knew who they were. I love all their songs.

I had their cassette, spent many nights as a teen laying in my bed on the phone with my best friend, rewinding my tape so I could listen to Kiss.

Journey would be the other group I LOVE. I wore out the Rasied on Radio tape. Do you remember having the "jam boxes" with automatic rewind? Now that was one piece of rad electronic equipment dude.

Joyce said...

I was thinking the same thing as I was hopping around to the random I the oldest one here???

I've always been a fan...they performed at my husband's National Sales meeting one year which was awesome. Not sure I can name a favorite song...probably Kiss on my List.

Oh, and my kids know all the music we love...we brainwashed them as children of course.

samurai said...

Who were they again? ;)

Never in my top list... but then i was more of a Poison, Def Leopard kind of guy back then. I can say though... i do recognize their songs though.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I think you did a fantastic job of reminding us all about Hauling, I mean Hall & Oats.

And I doubt that Oats was perturbed by the fact that he always sang backup; I think Darryl Hall knows that "I Can't Go For That" would never have been the song it is without "No can do."

I'm just sayin.

Great literary analysis, my friend.
Thanks, once again, for the flashback.

"You make-a my dreams come ooo, ooo o..."

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Ooooohhh....Rich Girl! Ok, I've heard that song -- don't think I've heard any of the others though :)

And I DID see that SNL political parody last year -- it made me laugh even though I didn't have a clue who they were.

Thanks for clarifying :)

Mocha with Linda said...

Well of course I knew who they were! And now there songs will be on my brain all day!

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhh girl! I'm pretty sure if Hall OR Oates googles themselves YOU are up for FREE tickets to their next concert! I believe I answered which is MY fave H&O song on the Random 12 this past week!

Amy said...

Hall and Oates were as much a part of my high school life as my feeble attempt at feathered hair, or my overwhelming need to wear acid washed Guess jeans with my nifty Coca Cola jean jacket.

Hearing one of their songs (or even reading your list)time travels me back to that place.

Love them


Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

I can't believe people didn't know who they are. Your wake up from the coma line was hilarious.

Susanne said...

Well, you will be happy to know I love, love, love Hall & Oates music and knew exactly who they were.

LOL. Melli made a comment close to what I was going to say. Maybe you'll get an email from them just like with Clinton.

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

MANEATER!!! I KNOW that one :)
Seriously people were shooting every H & O song at me and I had're the first to find one!!!
Yeah, No...I'm not 12 13 =25 ;)

Betty said...

haha, ok ok, I know who they are now! :) But if you hadn´t brought them up, I think I would have completely forgot about them....

Sara said...

Holland Oats! *snort* When did we start going international with our cheesy big haired OOH La bands?
Linda this post cracked me up! I'm partcial to Sara Smiles...hmmm I wonder why THAT is.

Anonymous said...

You have readers that don't know who H & O are because you appeal to all age groups...even the babies! ha. I love the SNL skit. I LOVE Psych! Watch it every week and look forward to their little blooper stuff at the end. Isn't that guy at the end from Party of 5? I never watched that show but I thought he was one of them.

skoots1mom said...

If you were alive in the 80's and don't know Hall& were really DEAD, someone just didn't tell you.
They were played ALL the time, on ALL the radio stations...

Anonymous said...

OK, look I'm only 28 and I know who Hall and Oates are AND can name some of their songs. So good 80s music isn't completely lost on this generation. :)

And I have no idea about the Julia Roberts movie. Probably because I don't like Julia Roberts. And I hope your next post isn't about people who don't like Julia Roberts. :)

Chris said...

LUV H& funny you should bring this up...yesterday after church the youngster(14) and I were eating lunch at steak & shake...and "Kiss" came on. He, who is an avid lover and player of music, remarked..."I'm so glad that you and dad have introduced me to all this cool music...I kinda like it." I do believe I had to wipe a tear away ;-).

He later informed me that when he gets rich and famous he will hire Bon Jovi to be my nurse in my old age. ahhhh...I LUV that boy!!!

Marie said...

Now I can't get Sara Smile out of my head. I love Hall & Oates. I listened to them endlessly as a teen. They will live on!

Joanna said...

Runaway Bride.

Darlene R. said...

Thank you so much for let us in on the H&O thing! I had NO CLUE who they were, but I recognize some of the songs.

I was going to participate in the last Random Dozen, but gave up when I got to this question because I was clueless. I know, I have no excuse for that. :)

Mama Belle said...

Lyme disease ... really? Really? Isn't that a manageable disease? Sounds like an excuse to me.

And, "Maneater," definitely the best one of their songs. "Rich Girl" a close second.

Anonymous said...

What Hall and Oats is to you is what "Steel Magnolias" is to me. I went to Louisiana JUST to meet the family of the real-life Shelby, stay in the house where it was filmed and meet some of the cast members. I can now die happy.

Tammy said...

Wooooo, I KNOW who they are and the answer is Runaway Bride.

I feel an iTunes download coming on!

Dita said...

Hall and Oates.....oh, how could we have passed the 80's without them. There's not Hall and Oates song that ever pops on our 80's station in the car that my hubby and I don't break out into spontaneous karoke and torment our children with every little um huh or ooh, ooh.....

the kids today don't know what music is, Honey!

Angie said...

LOVE Hall & Oates! Last year for my birthday my family gave me a CD of their greatest hits and I tortured them with continuous play during a 4 hour car ride to the beach...hey, they got the beach, didn't they!

When I was a teenager (mid-80's) I babysat for a family that had HBO. I wasn't even allowed to watch MASH or Love Boat so anything on HBO was quite exciting. One month HBO ran a special of a Live Hall and Oates concert. I watched it everytime I was at their house that month. I think I even volunteered to babysit for free; I just couldn't get enough.

During the concert when they got to the song Sarah Smile, John Oates ripped his shirt off! Oh, my! It was an awesome! Sarah Smile has always been my favorite song from that point on. Ha!

And, yes, when singing along with Sarah Smile on the car ride to the beach I did pantomime the shirt ripping off! The teenagers in the back seat were hanging their heads low and groaning. It's so much fun torturing my children with memories from my youth! They do appreciate knowing the dance to Thriller so I don't think they can complain too loudly!