Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Pictures and Other Fiascos

I should probably call this the 2nd Cup Weekend Re-LID, shouldn't I?

Speaking of lids ... I wore a brand new shirt to church Sunday morning, bought a skinny vanilla latte with whip (yeah, I know, contradictory), put the lid on it, sat down in church, took a drink and immediately spilled it down the front of me, right side only.

Shades of the nursing days, ladies.

Saturday, I had lunch with a friend who moved 10 years ago and another friend, so that was good to get caught up and to hear her exciting stories because this woman has THE most intriguing life of anyone I know. And I can't tell you more or she would have to kill you. She is not a spy, but her stories are that good and that serious. Seriously. Seriously serious.

Also, on Saturday I went with Kristin to see Leap Year, starring Amy Adams. It's pretty cute, and if you like romantic comedies, you'll like this one. I enjoyed the Irish accents more than a wee bit. It's rated PG, which I prefer because I'm a prudish nerd. I'm not sure why, but I've seen more movies in the last month than I saw in the entire year. Best one of all: Sherlock Holmes.

After church on Sunday, my Wednesday night Girls Group lunched and celebrated a birthday at Panera, my favorite restaurant, for Diane, seated next to me here, my sweet friend who is still beating the crap out of cancer.

Here she is opening my gift to her: "Cuddle Duds," super-soft long underwear. Hey, don't knock it until you've lived on the frozen tundra.

Diane is my hero. What this woman has endured in the last two years is unbelievable, and yet her faith and attitude are stunning testimonies to the grace of God. Happy Birthday, Diane!

Immediately after that party, we surreptitiously headed back to our church to celebrate the 40th birthday of ANOTHER woman in that group, Rachel, who turned 40 this week. Rachel is in the center, wearing purple and a painfully forced smile at the beginning of her surprise party here.

Here is Rachel telling me not to take her picture while she is crying. Whatever, Rachel.

Rachel's husband surprised her big-time, and all we had to do was lie to her a lot to help make it all happen. Thankfully, a couple of us are really good liars, so it all went well. The chiefest of liars would be the one in the middle. Great job, Daph!

Rachel is not digging turning 40, ladies. For those of you who have passed that benchmark, what encouragement could you offer her that will make her believe that this decade will be a good one? I will print your comments off and give them to her Wednesday night, when we Girls celebrate privately. It might even be fun to read some aloud. So be creative, be fun! Above all, don't be a Debbie Downer!

Sunday evening, I copied all of the addresses that you sent me over the weekend so that I can mail the "Crank" bracelets. I thanked Pastor Shane for you all and told him to look at your comments, which he did.

This is just a bonus pic to show you what face my friends bring out in me all the time. That is the face of searing sarcasm and rapier wit. I don't suggest clicking on this picture while you are drinking or eating.

Also on Sunday evening, I watched the long-awaited season premiere of Chuck, a show saved by fan votes last year. I loved this year's promotion: "No More Mr. Nice Spy." Zachary Levi is a believer, by the way. You can read an interview in which he speaks about his faith at Relevant Magazine.

So that was my weekend. Now, in honor of my coffee fiasco, I'm going to ask you to "spill it!" (Oh, my cleverness knows no bounds) and tell me about your weekend!


Lori at The Davidson Den said...

I, too, am a Chuck fan. I just wish I didn't have to see his girlfriend (among other gals) in her skivvies every bloomin' show. That's the only problem I have. That and the awful "p" word someone used in the premiere. Really. (Made me so mad.)

Anonymous said...

Coming out of lurkdom to leave you something over in my neck of the woods. Thanks for the great posts here.

Terry said...

My, what a social butterfly you are! My weekend was much more boring, although I did have the privilege of attending a gorgeous wedding with a giddy bride and groom who are so obviously head-ove-heels in love! I've rediscovered your website since the holidays. I'm your Henry County, Indiana fan!

bensrib said...

Dearest Rachel,

I am 48 years old and let me assure you the after-40 years are WAAAAAAY better than the before-40s (sorry to those of you stuck in your 20s and 30s—you'll just have to wait). By the time you reach 40, you have figured out, for the most part, what are the really important things in life and you stop stressing over stupid stuff like dust on the furniture and dirty dishes in the sink. Who cares about doggie slobber on the sliding glass doors? It means you have a doggie to love you like no one else!

At this point, you don't have to worry about car seats and diaper bags or (hopefully) your children making too much noise in a restaurant (unless you're like me with five kids, ages 16 to 24, and you're making noise with them), which reminds me that your kids are old enough to actually have fun with like real human beings.

By 40, you've probably figured out what makes you really happy in life, and you've made some progress in moving toward those things. You get to speak your mind and women who are younger hang on every word, because, after all, you MUST have some kind of great wisdom after all those years of living!

I could go on and on, but don't want to blow up Linda's comment form. I love the age I am and wouldn't go back if you gave me a million dollars (though I'd take the million if you offered).

Happy Birthday! Never look back!

SusanD said...

Tell Rachel not to sweat being 40. Just took 40 years to get this good. Look to the next 40+ with excited anticipation! :)

Me? Had an awesome weekend with the hubby and grand-boy. The grand-boy and I spent about 2 hours playing Uno. Great fun!

Blessings, SusanD

Debbie said...

40 is not bad at all! Wait until 50......

Mocha with Linda said...

Well, my weekend was dudsville compared to yours!

I'll have to give some thought to the 40 advice.

The Bug said...

I had a VERY boring weekend wherein the excitement was buying groceries (woo hoo!).

About turning 40. I'll be 46 in a few months, so I'm well in the trenches. The most positive thing about being in my 40s is that I really have lost that "what do other people think of me" vibe (although blogging is bringing it back a bit you couldn't tell it from today's post LOL). I really feel like I'm more able to be myself, warts & all. It's pretty liberating! Also, I don't really care if I go to Walmart without makeup on. I don't know that you want to go THAT far!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have an awesome group of friends! Glad you enjoyed your weekend, minus the spill. Mine was boring.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I thought that was an unwritten law of the universe "Wear New White Shirt...Spill Coffee Down Front"

The highlight of me weekend was the #11 combo dinner at the neighborhood Mexican restaurant. What can I say I'm a thrill seeking life on the edge kind of girl.


Amy said...

Just did a post on Chuck, and I thought I was the only one!!

Turing much the wiser and able to handle life so much better than my 20 year old self. Down hill is much easier than up and alot more fun!!!


Carrie B said...

Wow, that's a lot of celebrating! Looked like fun.
As for the 40's. Love 'em. Way better than the 30's. You (should) have more confindence in who you are and therefore, a lot (of crap) just doesn't matter. Yay!
Also, I wish it was acceptable to have a cup of coffee during church here. Hmmm

samurai said...

Wanted to say thanks for the movie review. ;) I want to take the wife to a nice Romantic Comedy. 8)

SouthLakesMom said...

Linda, I love that you asked this for Rachel because so many have already commented on what I suspected was something only I knew!

After 40 is so great because we finally have enough information, enough life experience and enough confidence to stop thinking about what other people think about us all the time. It's as if we give ourselves permission to let the butterfly emerge from the cocoon and she is BEAUTIFUL!

God knew you before you were formed, and he knows every hair on your head, and he knows if you need to color some of the non-pigmented ones, well...that's okay too! He loves the ones with color or not!

Turning forty for me was a wake-up call too -- that if I wanted to be different in some way, that it was time to get cracking. Many women I know make serious life changes at 40 -- some go back to the gym in earnest, some start traveling, some start new ministries or jump into ones they've always been attracted to but never jumped into. In short, you can be and do ANYTHING at 40 that pleases God!

So Happy, Happy Birthday and welcome to the Sorority. We are very exclusive -- under 40's need not apply! Love from one of Linda's blogger-fans.

Jenny said...

Love the cuddle duds, I think I need some of them... We hit a whopping 18 degrees this morning in the sunshine state.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Loved hearing about your fab weekend....I spent most of mine fighting a migraine....
As for the 40 thing...I have to echo what most of the ladies here have already said. You simply don't really care anymore what anybody thinks of you. If you happen to leave the restroom at church one morning with tp stuck to the bottom of your shoe and it trails you up on stage to lead worship...well. Who cares?!? (true story, and yes, I seem to have a history with toilet paper). I just take myself and life so much less seriously now than then. Happy week to you!

Brenda Susan said...

Forty is wonderful & fifty is even wonderfuller!

Baba said...

Hi Linda, tell Rachel that turning 40 is great... when I turned 40, I brought myself a sport's car.. a 280zx and felt like I was 20 again, but with cash in my pocket and a free spirit..I have a daughter turning 40 in May..and she seems young to me even after having my 3 granddaughters..age is just a number.Enjoy life and feel blessed to have a great circle of friends and the closeness of God to watch over you..hugs, Baba

2cats said...

The 40 years were a breeze. I dreaded going in to them but once they got here there was nothing to it.
I am not quite halfway through the 50s so I will have to let you know how they go.
This weekend was busy cleaning and cooking. Getting ready for Christmas yesterday. It was a great day with my son and his family.

Kim said...

I luuuuurve my Cuddle Duds! Our winters are mild here (especially considering we spent 20 years in the frozen tundra a.k.a. Michigan) but without central heat, I NEED my Cuddle Duds! Some of our friends don't heat at all, some only heat with a tiny little stove in one room. Brrrr!

I'm envious of all your girl time this week. I miss my gal pals! But at least I'm having a good time with my #1 gal pal, my daughter :-)

We've watched some favorite movies together -- Sleepless in Seattle, Undercover Blues, White Christmas, Runaway Jury, Sabrina, The Blind Side, Julie and Julia...And we're working our way through Season 5 of West Wing.

Our weekend was pretty boring but we're looking forward to a fun week of sight seeing Mendoza and bits of the Andes mountains.

Jewel said...

Tell that Rachel that she does NOT look 40. Forty??

PS: I love love love Relevant Magazine! Got my Jan/Feb copy today!

Anonymous said...

Rachel looks quite young!
Turning 40 is kind of liberating. In my 30's I still worried a bit about not being old enough to be wise; now I feel that I've earned some of that age that wisdom sometimes requires. I liked myself better at 40 than at 20. I'm 44 and looking forward to 50!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Man, I've missed so much. I'm suppose to be on the treadmill now but I'm captivated by all your posts. Girlfriend, you really got me with this word: surreptitiously. 1) I've never seen the word in my life. 2) I can't even begin to pronounce it.

Love your sarcastic face picture. That so looks like something I'd do. I like making faces if it makes someone laugh.

So what's up with the Leap Year movies being released on a year that is not leap year. Unless I've totally lost my marbles. I thought leap year was every four years when we have a Feb. 29th. But I think the cold killed some brain cells. I'm just saying is all.

Love the snowy blue layout.

Debbie said...

So glad I found you! I needed to laugh and so can relate to spilt coffee... spilt anything that is..
Look forward to visiting again. God bless, Deb