Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Facebook Update

Me = Me
* = Others' comments, just like here on the blog, only I removed names.

Linda Crow:

Just returned from visitng the 'rents, 89 and 84. Jorge mowed the lawn & I mowed Mom's eyebrows. Everything was nice and neat when we left & we managed to take my blood pressures three times while I was there plus work in good conversation. Love my sweet parents. Now it's off to Girls' Group.

*you're funny! Have a good time tonight:) ·

Me: It would be nice if I could spell: "Visiting" and "Pressure," singular. Darn these old eyes. I was a spelling bee champ, I tell ya! I was!

*sure sure!

Me: *facepalm*

*Wait until I tell my daughter you used the word 'rents' she will crack up and say that us old people shouldn't use teenage lang. LOL!! You mowed your mom's eyebrows, that sounds scarey!! LOL!!
*Linda, you never fail to get a laugh out of me. This was a gut buster. You may have missed your calling, you know. haha ·

*Say "hey" to those sweet gals in your GG for me. :)
*Hi to GG!!

*I saw my M&D this afternoon too. Dad (82) was mowing his lawn... yea for mom has always had to pencil in her eyebrows! As a kid I found this fascinating to watch.
*Did you use a push mower or a riding mower? (not jorge-- you.)

*Nothing says love like a daughter mowing her mom's eyebrows. I wonder what my daughter will do for ME when she comes up from Georgia this summer. When she was little she used to walk on her daddy's back for a massage....I could take that if she would tread real lightly!

Me: The eyebrows are of the utmost concern to her. The significance cannot be overstated. They frame the face, you know. She never says, "Come see me; I just want to sit and chat." She says, "My eyebrows are out of control. When are coming over?" I'm not joking.


Barbara said...

Good Morning hope you day is a good one, Be blessed, Barbara

Mocha with Linda said...

You are so funny. What's the deal with the blood pressure and taking it 3 times?

2cats said...

A very lively FB conversation. Sometimes my eyebrows need to be mowed, I understand the feeling. There is like not enough wax to be found.