Friday, April 30, 2010

Flashback Friday ~ The Prom

Linda is in the swing of spring over at Mocha with Linda's Flashback Friday meme. Here's the prompt:

Share your prom memories. Did your school have a junior prom or just a senior prom? What did you wear? Was there a party after the prom? Did you go with a date or with friends, and if it was a date, was it a one-time date or a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario? Did you go to more than one prom (like, being someone's date at another school or year.) Where was your senior prom held? Any particular songs come to mind when you think of prom? As always, pictures are great!

I brought a bunch of pics home from my mom's yesterday afternoon on a whim, came home, read the prompt and realized I have no prom pics in the bunch, so I had to scan one from the yearbook. But here's what I remember:

Sophomore year: Bought my first dress from a bridal store. I felt so grown up. Went to prom with Hatrick the boyfriend, who was a senior. I wore a buttery yellow dress with spaghetti straps. Do you see what was wrong with that choice for me? I'll tell you.

1. Yellow on someone with the coloring roughly the equivalent of buttermilk.
2. Spaghetti straps on someone built like an ironing board.

All night long, I stepped on the hem of my dress and yanked it up at the chest to keep from showing no chest at all. Ugh. Plus, he wanted to dance the entire night, and I hated dancing. He danced quite a bit with other people. I just wanted to go home. We both had acne. Not a good picture, so I'm glad I don't have it here to show you. Lucked out. The theme song was "I Like Dreamin'," but I just wanted to wake up from the nightmare. Seriously.

Junior year: Different boyfriend. White eyelet-like dress with ribbon spaghetti straps. Well, at least this dress fit better, but it was still a shade of white: White. What was wrong with me?? He wore a powder blue tux. Oh yes he did. I believe the song for the night was "Always and Forever."

In my junior year, I was a prom princess, on the court with other juniors, and a senior was the queen. I'm on the far right with my eyes half-closed, looking drunk, but I was not, I assure you. The beautiful girl to my left was my best friend, Kris, who was elected homecoming queen the next year.

Senior year: Same boyfriend. I went all crazy and chose a CREAM colored dress with tons of pleats in it. He wore a burgundy tux with cream shirt. Theme song: "Grand Illusion." That I chose that color of dress shows I had a "grand delusion" that my pale skin would actually look distinct from the dress itself.

End of story. But I did wear a black shirt with a silver metallic thread running through it afterward to go bowling in, which I thought was way cool.

Next weekend, my youngest daughter will be going to her high school prom. You can bet there will be pictures here!

Please go on over to Linda's and link up today; it's way more fun than dancing on your dress all night long and worrying about your frizzy hair and acne, I promise!

Wow. That is the lamest prom story ever. Just be glad you only read about it and didn't live it.


Joyce said...

The Grand Illusion? That's good...highschool kids do have a bit of the philosopher in them when it comes to picking themes.

I posted my girls find it hysterical. I'm pretty sure the point of a prom picture is to have something to laugh at a few years down the road.

Have a nice weekend!

Mocha with Linda said...

Oh this made me laugh! It's so nice to be done with those years!

I was going to say it looks like white was the required color for being a prom princess since that's what the others were also wearing, then I realized the pic is black & white!

And you managed to go to three proms? You're a glutton for punishment, huh?!

Rosidah Abidin said...

Not lame at all. I really loved reading your story and giggled all the way long. You look beautiful in the photo. Wishing your daughter a great time at her prom, too.

Susanne said...

Three proms. Wow. :v)

We don't have proms here. There's school dances but not fancy proms. Our dress up is the grade 12 Grad. And I wore white too! Not too many great memories from the whole shebang on my end for that one. Oh well.

Nel said...

Enjoyed your memories. When you are helping with your daughter's prom it kinda gives you a reality check doesn't it. My daughter went to 5... lucky me! No really we had fun. Thanks for sharing your memories.
until next time... nel

Barbara said...

that is priceless my friend, and like some of the others, I would not want to go back to those days, I know too much now, lol Have a great weekend, and thanks for the fun memories
Hugs Barbara

Shawna said...

Here is a link to my recent prom post. ... I have been missing you. I have some new stuff on my blog I think you will enjoy.

P.S. You are looking foxier than ever!!!

Anonymous said...

I admire you beyond words. You are testimate to all women.

Now tell me where to get those sticky notes... ha!


Anonymous said...

Oh, would you like for me to be polite and actually comment relating to this post too... ok. First princess, then queen. Think that's how God sees you.

That'll work!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Ginger: see Shawna for sticky notes

Anonymous said...

I do remember powder blue tuxes! Fun memories.