Saturday, June 30, 2012

Breaking Drought

Like most of the Midwest, we've been in a drought. The only good thing about a drought is fewer mosquitoes.

Yesterday, the crunchy yellow grass that Zoe refuses to walk on ("L'il Tenderfoot") received a refreshing drink, like Niagara Falls. It was crazy. Parts of my city are now without power due to lightning. I was in the grocery store when the sirens went off, but for some reason, I was not alarmed.

Well, I was on a mission--a mission to bring home my daughter's favorite kind of yogurt cereal bar, the one I couldn't remember.

Background info: I bought a certain brand one week and she loved them. The next week, I tried to repeat this Great Act Of Motherliness for my beloved daughter, but I couldn't remember the brand and brought another brand home by mistake.

So yesterday, I texted her during the sirens and storm, "What was that original brand of yogurt bar I got you that you liked?"

She replied, "Idk. [I don't know.] haha."

I failed to see the humor, but I was, as I said, on a mission.

So I looked some more while people around me rushed to the front of the store to look outside and the employees were using mops to push water back out of the entry.

Whatever. I had bars to find.

So I texted her again about it, and she said, "Whichever is OK. I liked the 2nd one better, anyway."

Oh no. This meant I had to then go back to the aisle and retrieve the 2nd one.

So I sent one more text, and again, she replied with a bunch of "ha ha's."

I thought, "What is wrong with her. Why is my yogurt bar search so funny."

Later last night, she told me that when the storm began, she was sure I'd be "freaking out" worrying about her, so she texted me right away, "Hey, I'm at Heather's. There's a big storm comin!"

And apparently, my reply was, "What was that original brand of yogurt bar I got you that you liked?"

Then she replied with "Don't worry. I'm staying inside. Are you guys inside?"

And that's when I said, "Oh no. What was that 2nd brand?"

And THAT's when I got, "Hahahahaha."

If this conversation seems convoluted ... um, yes.

I NEVER saw any of her storm texts.

I'm just glad we all survived the big storm. I would hate to have my last words to my daughter be: "Hey, did you know it's waining?" (Trying to be cute.) Yes, she knew.


Mocha with Linda said...

Well. She should be ashamed of herself for laughing at her mother out in the STORM, risking her LIFE, to get her yogurt bars. I tell you, kids these days have no respect for their parents. :-)

Glad you got some rain. Wish we would.

LynnMarie said...

Auto correct does funny things with texts as well but your conversation is just funny. Glad you are safe and watered!