Sunday, August 31, 2014

Every Summer Has a Story. Here's my 2014 Summer Story.

I found this pic and thought it would make a great title for a post. For me, summer ends August 31, today. So here is a review of my summer, my story.  

6.6 "Having a toddler around again brings back one painful memory: when they step on the inside of your thigh and it pinches so badly you can't breathe. It's the sliding shoe-pinch that turns the adult into a wailing baby." Still watching her 3 days a week  and loving it. 

6.6 I made a Pinterest pallet table. I have not used this table ONCE this summer. :(

6.13 My high school closed. Always a Rebel, Muncie Southside, 1962-2014 (with favorite teacher and friend + sophomore year cheer). More fodder for my nostalgic mid-life crisis. 

6.14 29th Wedding Anniversary. You know you'll make it when one day you wallpaper a room together. If you can withstand that, you'll make it. Nevertheless, I will never push my luck with wallpapering again. I'm not that crazy.

7.4.14 Siesta Key: "So far on this vacation, I have broken the shower head simply by adjusting it, broken off the entire back section of a movie theater seat by putting my hands on it to stand up (leaving me holding a plastic piece the size of a child's sled), developed a photo sensitivity to certain sunscreens and figured out I'm lactose intolerant. In spite of these and other misadventures, I'm having fun and looking to fireworks on the beach. Hoping there are no related incidents to report. #stillmarried in spite of this series of unfortunate events."

7.11 Marked the year anniversary of my father's passing. In case any of my progeny are ever interested in seeing his marker, this is what it looks like. 

7.13 Another "Daughter of Girls Group" Wedding

7.14 Grandma allowed an epic catastrophe. He was immediately seat-belted.

7.26 Cirque Du Soleil in Indianapolis with this couple and my son's in-laws, whom we love. My son and DIL will be married one year in Oct.

7.27: Still hanging with my mom: "Just came from my mom's house, where the indoor temp rivals Uma, AZ, because she's on meds that make her cold. So I'm trying not to be rude while I'm melting, swigging water, clawing at the empty ice tray and nodding while she talks. #thisgirlisonfire" Throwing in this picture because in it she is 51, my age now. She is currently 88 and looks about 72.

7.28: Bought cast iron skillet: "Bought a cast iron skillet for first time today. Its heft sheds new light on those old cartoons in which the wife clonks the husband on the head with a skillet."

8.1 Made some Fairy Doors from Popsicle sticks and items in my yard to put in Josie's woodland space under our pine tree. I have added benches, a large stump and wooden picnic table for her. I cleared out packed needles, weeds, hauled 99% of the rocks myself, which she will never care about, but I had to add that. Also got poison oak working on that tree. Took many hours. She sits there maybe 15 mins a day. Worth it. 

8.2: Around the first of August, I have to say I hit a small snag of depression that lasted about 3 weeks. The attacks of innocents and babies in Iraq just about did me in emotionally, and then everything else spiraled and crumbled.

8.10: "REO & Chicago. Hi, Kev!" This concert was a highlight of summer for me. The nostalgic mid-life crisis is still going strong. 

8 ~ ? Continuing to enjoy what days we have left in the most exclusive pool.

8.26 Still running. Still eating gluten free and meat free. 

8.29 "We went to the library & just happened upon story time. Stories, bubbles and singing "Skinnamarink" at the end, which is a special song for me bc of her mom loving this song at her age. I felt so much joy, like my heart would pop."

8.31  Well, here we are, saying farewell to summer, my favorite season, the season of eternal youth and bloom, the season of picnics, fireworks, swinging with my granddaughter, sprinklers, backyard fires, great sunsets, vacations, chilly movie theaters, sunshine,watermelon and the smell of sun screen, preferably Hawaiian Tropic, which I could wear as perfume or drink because I love coconut so much. Everyone loves Fall, and I'm embracing it, but it usually only lasts around here about 3-4 weeks, and then we're into 6 months of winter--not even joking. *Maybe this year will be different.*  

Hey, Summer: Bye! 


Susanne said...

I didn't realize your son got married. Congrats to him and his beautiful wife. I can't believe how much he looks like your hubby.

It sounds like your precious Josie keeps you busy!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Susanne, be glad you did not know because that would have meant I would have been blogging endlessly about findind a dress. Still didn't like the one I ended up with.

Mocha with Linda said...

Love the summery summary! :-)


Joyce said...

Lovely summer story : )