Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Hyperopia, Middle Age, Roots, Reese and Seafoam Green

I don't really *need* these glasses, unless I'm driving or watching TV. I have great up-close vision for a soon to be 52-year-old, no having to extend my arms as I read, etc. But if I correct my vision for distance with contacts, it throws off up-close business. VERY frustrating. I tried bifocal contact lenses, but I don't think I wore them enough at one time to trick my brain into accepting them, so I have these cheapies for distance only. Therefore, while other middle agers are toting reader-cheaters on neck chains, I'm often wearing driving glasses on my head like sunglasses.

I may have cheated middle age out of hyperopia, but I was not successful at dodging gray hair. One advantage to keeping hair light blonde is that the grays are camouflaged somewhat. But I still have dark roots, too. Right now, I'm in an 8 week wait period for doing my roots. I can barely take it because I usually jump on those roots right away. I was telling my friends about my hair color hiatus, and they said, "No worries, dark roots are 'in.'" They are?

So I was Googling some celebs to show my friends what my roots look like, and I saved these pics of Reese Witherspoon on my phone in order to send my friends the pics.

A few days later, JRoo was looking at my phone pics. We always play the game, "Who is that?" and she answers. (She's 19 months now.) Imagine my surprise when Reese popped up in the middle of our family photos. I had forgotten I saved her.

 On a whim, I asked, "Who is that?" and she replied, "Nana!" before I could finish asking.

Why, THANK YOU, dearest  little granddaughter. I will take that--Reese Witherspoon!

I guess all blondes look alike, ha ha.

On the subject of color, I'm really liking a shade of green I know as "seafoam," which is not mint green, but you can't tell the difference between the two on Pinterest; people seem to think they're interchangeable. It's not turquoise or teal, either; it's not mint or jade. It's like sea glass to me. Or Coke glass (what?):

I like this green with coral and intend to re-paint walls of a bedroom to turn it into an exercise room for this winter. How's that for thinking ahead?  

What colors are you into now, hair or decor?


Busy Bee Suz said...

You are a dead ringer for Reese! I've struggled with my eyes starting 2 weeks prior to my 40th. I do the bifocal contacts OR progressive glasses. Dark roots are in! I can't tell you how much I just spent on my 18 year old to have her hair 'ombre-d' crazy. I love the sea foam and sea glass colors too. But, I'm into creams with gray right now.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

How long did it take you to adjust to bifocal contacts? Did you wear them daily until your brain said, "I give; let's just go with it?"

Susanne said...

I can't wear contacts so it's the good ol' progressive lenses for me. Hair color? Same old, same old. Favorite decorating color of the moment? Every shade of teal and aqua! But I'm sure that will change when the fall mood hits me.

Kimberly Hoyt said...

It takes longer for those roots to show when I highlight my hair periodically (effectively hiding the gray amidst the light brown/ash blonde and highlights). I can go 3-4 months between highlights. Only wish I could figure out what to do with those boingy gray hairs that pop up at odd times and in odd places. You know the ones that stick out like a mangled corkscrew?

Anonymous said...

lovely blog!

Darla said...

I'm with you on the blonde. I have gone lighter just so the gray doesn't show up so fast. And I remember being really into the seafoam green in 1989. I had a peach and seafoam bathroom. so pretty. Since you are doing two new blogs, will you be keeping this one too? Just curious...since I am debating some changes in mine.