Saturday, December 27, 2014

Because Everybody Needs a Fresh Cup Once in a While

I'm starting two new blogs:

One is: Saving Our Story, wherein I preserve tidbits of family history and even tiddier-bits of everyday life for progeny

See Grandma Run!, in which I discuss running in the context of Grandma-ness.

Hope to see you there!


Mrs. E said...

I want to like your "Our Story"--but I can't without Wordpress account. (I do NOT need one more password to forget...gads!) I LOVE your gift and can't wait to hear your results. I also have to say that I have missed your regular blogging, but then I haven't been very regular at writing myself. Life happens doesn't it??

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Ok, this is one frustration I'm having: learning to navigate WordPress. I thought I had it set up so that anyone could comment. I just posted that frantic post about what to do regarding WordPress vs. Blogger. I may have made a mistake in jumping ship. Thanks for your comment!