Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nativity Scramble

I'm doing this at 5:00 am, so if you can't unscramble any, it's probably because I've gotten myself one key off on the keyboard and now none of the words are real words. But knock yourself out, anyway. PS: You could print these and kill some down-time when your kids are home from school.

1. hmseisa

2. mheetlheb

3. nkedyo

4. nlaasmi

5. renpienke

6. phorwis

7. nroyuej

8. rceksfnenina

9. rtecbaele

10. vasiro

11. narniactio

12. laceign oths

13. sseunc


Coco said...

This seems interesting... let's see... okay... I only know #2 betlehem!

I wonder...

jenn said...

That's the only one I got right off too! I'll be doing these all day now!
Happy tt!

Rian Fike said...

There was a pickle in the stable? Interesting.

Great list, but I need that 2nd cup of coffee first.

Heth said...

3. donkey
7. journey
8. Frankincense

That's all I can get. It's making my brain hurt. I need more coffee.

Debbie said...

Got donkey too...

Linda said...

I'll post the answers tomorrow.

Rian Fike said...

Just for clarification. (hehe...)

When I first looked at #5, I thought it said "pickle" at the end!

Anxiously awaiting the answers tommorrow, my head is still not clear enough to decipher...

Michelle said...

Ooooooooo FUN!@

I got almost all of them!

Should I post them here?

I could not get # 11 for the life of me!

Linda said...

Go, Michele, Go!

Michelle said...

OK? Ready?

Let's see how I did:












Angelic Host


Nicholas said...

Well, I felt pleased with myself for getting two of them straight off, but after that I ground to a halt. I'll need pen and paper to do the rest.

Ruthie said...

That was fun....sort of...until I got totally stumped on #11. It's kind of like text twist -- have you played that?