Wednesday, January 09, 2008

TT: Places People Forget to Clean

My mom was a clean-a-holic. When I was growing up, she did what other people called spring cleaning on a very regular basis. For instance, she pulled out heavy furniture and swept behind it weekly. Then she would rearrange the furniture. If you came into a dark room in the early morning, sometimes you had to think fast because a recliner might be in front of you when it was across the room when you went to bed. I'm talking cleaning baseboards weekly. If had you put my mom in a ring against June Cleaver, I'd bet on my mom. She never waved no stinkin' feather duster at dust; She Chuck Norrised her dust. So in honor of Mom, I present: Thirteen Places/Things People Forget to Clean.

1. That grill at the bottom of your refrigerator that covers the filter.

2. Your dryer filter. Take it out, scrape it, clean it under running water.

3. Your keyboard.

4. The threshold of your front door. Your entrance makes a first impression. People look down right before they step in or while they're waiting there at the door before you've answered.

5. Shelves of your medicine cabinet.

6. Your kitchen canister lids.

7. The welcome mat. (Again, first impressions ...)

8. The dog's teeth. Yes, you put a rubber tip on your finger and use doggie paste and brush that canine's canines.

9. Hairbrush and comb. Get the hair out, shampoo it in hot water.

10. Hand prints around doorknobs.

11. Dashboard of the car.

12. Window sills.

13. Belly button. Mom always asked, "Did you clean your belly button? People forget that sometimes, you know." I thought my mom was so weird for having that navel dirt phobia. And then I had my own kids. I am still reminding them, "Did you clean out your belly button?" and they are rolling their eyes and saying, "Ewww. Gross!" What can I say? Cleanliness is not for sissies. And if Chuck Norris knew what was good for him, he would never dare wear his shoes inside my mom's house.

Do you have any miscellaneous dust-buster reminders?


Just Expressing Myself said...

I'm no great shakes at housekeeping, but my belly button is spotless!
Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderous week

Lazy Daisy said...

Oh my goodness our mothers must have been related! Are you a second cousin?

suchsimplepleasures said...

omg...we have the same mother!!! seriously, we had to make sure to clean our belly buttons (my sister and i)! also, i TOTALLY clean the grill on the grosses me out, otherwise! and...the cannister tops! i think i'm a neat-freak slob!!!

annie's eyes said...

My mother and your mother must have been best friends, though they were states apart. One of her favorite inventions was a clean basketball sock placed over a yardstick with a rubber band, so she could clean between the washer and the dryer, and on the sides of the refrigerator. I bet you and I could write a book on this...:) I don't think it's a coicidence that cleanliness and compulsiveness sound so much alike. I'm just sayin'

DrillerAA said...

I just prefer to buy a new comb. I like a fresh start every once in a while.

MondaythroughSunday said... Mom was NOT that way...she was a lot of fun though...dirty belly buttons and all. LOL

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Clean something? Now?

I can't. I have a hangnail. And a headache. Not really but I'm planning one. And it's almost midnight. And I'm cold. And it's snowy out side. And...and...not now.

But I'd love to come to your clean house and it would make a great first and second, etc. impression.

Nicholas said...

We have a compressed air keyboard cleaner which works brilliantly! It's amazing, and a bu depressing, how much fluff and gunk collects under they keys of a keyboard!

Robin said...

But wouldn't all my dust bunnies be sad if they didn't have a home any longer?

dcrmom said...

Thanks a lot! Now I have a whole slew of jobs to add to my "to do list". ;-) I was satisfied with my state of cleanliness (or lack thereof) until I read this. EWW! :-)

Melanie said...

Some of these I do. Some not. One thing I would add- clean/dust light bulbs in overhead fixtures like in the bathroom. And clean the phone. Lots of germs there.

About email- I got both of your emails at both of my addresses. I think that you aren't getting mine- may be because mine is web based . Not sure. Same thing is happening when I email a friend of mine. Just wanted to check. The 29th is good. :>)

Sorry to keep leaving messages on your blog!

Teresa said...

I don't use my teapot a lot, but it sits on my stove looking pretty. :o) However when I gave it a closer look two days ago I realized it wasn't so pretty. It was actually kinda grimy! Ewwwww! I guess all the steam and grease made it a magnet. So, check out your teapot!

Teresa said...

I don't use my teapot a lot, but it sits on my stove looking pretty. :o) However when I gave it a closer look two days ago I realized it wasn't so pretty. It was actually kinda grimy! Ewwwww! I guess all the steam and grease made it a magnet. So, check out your teapot!

Life In Progress said...

At my house it's the ceiling fan blades. I forget about them until one day I look up & they look like they're wearing sweaters.

Susanne said...

"Cleanliness is not for sissies". LOL! Amen, sister.

My nemisis is on top of the media cabinet. I remember to dust up there about once or twice a year. And oh my. Scarey stuff.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

The tops of the dryer and washer, and the top of the fridge. Gets really gross. And if you pull the washer and dryer away from the wall and look at the floor underneath - Oh. My.

Also a good idea is the clean out the blowout vent on the dryer - the part that goes to the outside. Lots of lint in there too.

Heth said...

Can you make a list of the 13 places you should START to clean? Because I need a kick in the pants.

Angela said...

I'm with your mom on cleaning baseboards weekly and moving the furniture to clean underneath:-). Enjoy your blog tons!! :-)
Have a great day.

marina said...

Ok, Linda off the recored you got me you said you where crying after you had your wisdom teeth pull. now I am the one who is crying I got strep throat!! so I am the one who is crying now,
and my mom never clean she was a whole lot of fun the house was always clean but not that clean!!
and she had these thing for ears she always play with our ears!!marina

Debbie said...

Clean belly button and clean undies - in case your in a wreck.

And then there's the TV screen.

A use dryer sheet works well for this as it dusts and elimates the static collecting dust too.

Fresh Girl said...

Neener neener neener...I don't have to clean #13 anymore -- I don't have one! ;)

Merrie said...

My mom was a slob and the only time we had to clean was if company was coming or we were going on a trip. You know, you had to leave the house clean "incase something happened" and "they" had to come in and you didn't want them to find the house in a mess.
The area that I forget to clean is behind the toilet and when I remember I'm always grossed out... YUCK 3X!!!