Thursday, January 22, 2009

LOST Again!

You've gotta be a fan or at least have seen the show once or twice to get this, but it's pretty funny, and I think it's a good way to celebrate the kick off of the new season.

Speaking of the new season, what did you think? I just finished watching my Tivo'd version, and it's 11:37 pm, so I'll make my comments short, and as usual, my comments are not unified or coherent because this isn't English composition class, and LOST defies unity and coherence. But it rocks!

Astoot Observations:

There is, of course, no doubt now that people are time traveling. And who didn't want to see Ethan and Ana Lucia again?! (Me!) Who do we hope to see again? Charlie!

All I know is, with all of this time traveling, I'm sure Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite is going to show up some time so that he can finally travel back to 1982 and "win state." He could probably actually throw a football 1/4 mile over those mountains on the Lost island.


Oh, that Sawyer, the most aggravated man in the history of televisiondome. And the most shirtless one. The only other characters rivaling his chest exposure are Juliet, and when she was on the island, Kate. Both always manage to have low cut tops on. How come Rose never does?

Moving right along: Yet another addition to the "ways I do not want to die" list: death by dishwasher.

Factoid: Richard, according to this source and many others, is not wearing manscara. You know, "guy"liner. He just looks like an Egyptian hieroglyph, which adds to his immortal aura.

The tiny tot actor playing Aaron is the best baby actor ever. He deserves an Emmy. He's not spitting back lines like Michelle Tanner. He's emoting.

Two of my favorite lines: "That chick likes me," and

"It's a compass." "What does it do?" "Points north."

Loved Hurley in his new shirt: "I heart my shih tzu." And who hasn't wanted to throw a burrito at Benjamin Linus?? He deserves a little bean burn, if you ask me.

And, is it just me, or does Sun seem "mad" at Kate?!

Finally, two of my favorite pics from my last LOST post of the previous season, Kristin imitating Juliet, and Sayid, the enigmatic, sensitive assassin.

What were your favorite moments? Any guesses about what's coming down the line?


Becky said...

I don't watch Lost but I enjoyed reading your take on it. I laughed at your using Michelle Tanner as an example of bad child acting. AND the word televisiondome... classic.

A Stone Gatherer said...

I'm just hoping that they don't keep traveling back and forth. I don't want to see blood coming out of the nose of anyone I like!!!!! Hurley is definately where alot of my favorite moments are, and who better to play his dad then Cheetch!!! or was it Chong? Oh well he is funny too! As always I am completely confused but glad it's back. And yes Sun does seem to be interesting!

Greg C said...

Where do you find this stuff? I am totally lost after viewing the video and reading what you wrote. Does that count?

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I am a huge LOST fan!

Favorite scene hands down was when Neil (I'm not sure I remember him, anyone else wondering where he came from?????) gets it in the chest with a flaming arrow! I have a theory about the connection between Charles Widmore and Benjamin Linus, but I am still pondering on it.
I have to totally agree with your assessment about Sun's feelings about Kate. She is up to something, in cahoots with Widmore I'm betting.
I think we will all need a primer for all the twist and turns so we can keep up!
I get a bit frustrated with the "out there-ness" of the show but I'm dug in now and I have to see how it turns out.

I think the time space thing can explain how Jack's father and others may now be alive, they traveled back in time to a point when they wern't dead. If they leave the island then they will be dead again. (maybe)

Locke is dead off the island but the reason they have to take him back is so that the island will bring him back to life???????

Way lost and loving it!!!!!

Angela said...

I want to see Charlie again, too! My favorite part was when Hurley was telling his mom all about the island and he sounded crazier than crazy, but he just kept going. And then I wanted to cry cause his mom believed him. This season is going to be interesting. And its okay with me if Sawyer can't find a shirt. But I agree that Rose needs to ditch the caftans.

lmerie said...

I had quit watching because I had missed some and was so LOST!!
But then last night I watched . . . only b/c my husband turned it on - then went to bed! I could not at that time stop watching! I too, hope the time travel thing changes though. Loved Harley like usual. And who better could play Benjamin Linus - what creepy eyes!! Creeps me out!

Alexia said...

I came into LOST in Season 3 (I had watched the other seasons on DVD) and had to stop watching because I couldn't handle waiting so long between episodes. Now that there are some more seasons on DVD I should rent them. I really liked the show!

Chatty Kelly said...

Greg stole my line!! I was going to say " I am LOST by this post." Loved your email to me yesterday.

AND just for you - tomorrow (Friday) I am going to blog about lost...if I can get my thougths together in time.

Sitesx6 said...

Okay...don't give up on me, but would you believe I have NEVER seen LOST or 24!?!

I know....I'm anti American.

I only started watching American Idol last year. (don't boo me).

I feel afraid to watch popular shows, because then I'll get sucked in and never cook, clean, do laundry or exercise.

Now, I've watched every season of Survivor since it started, so I'm not all that bad. :)

Barbara H. said...

As a fan of both Lost and Heroes, love that video!

I was kind of frustrated by the episodes. I saw the tail end of the earlier recap episode where one of the writers said we're going to be getting more answers that questions at this point, but I guess not quite yet.

Still don't know whether to trust Ben. Does he really want to save the island? It seems so since Richard also said they all need to come back. But Ben often seems to have a hidden agenda.

Sun was just plain creepy/weird with Kate.

I do like that, if they are going to have time travel, at least they can't go back and fix or change anything major. Too many shows use time travel as a convenient plot fix.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Way too many thoughts to post here...I did a whole post on it.
LOVED the LOST/Heroes video. That's another show I follow....

skoots1mom said...

i tried to watch last night, i really did...but, i know i'll never catch up or understand, so what's the point.

love how the video combined the two most-confusing tv shows on tv!

my DD watches Heroes, and i've watched it a little...whoa, i'm confused there, too! these new shows must be built for the MULTI-tasking generation...jumping from here to there, it drives me crazy most times.

so, i'll not be participating in tryin to figure it out...
i'll just sit crocheting while hubby bounces around the cable-sphere...
cause Lord knows he can't stand to watch a commercial...except during the SuperBowl..that's why we watch the superbowl!

Debbie said...

So, the Lost party was great fun. Island theme decorations and a cocnut smell from candles. Rocky won the trivia contest!

Best line was definitely "points North"! Loved Hurley hurling the burrito at Benjamin. I like Sawyer's names for everyone and it is A-okay with me if he's always losing his shirt(just sayin').

I don't think Sun is mad at Kate but her next question was about Jack. She told Whidmore she blamed two people for her husbands death. She's said that one is Benjamin. I don't know if the other one is her own father or Jack?

Biggest questions - Does Desmond have to come back to the island too? What about Aaron - how will that time travel work for him since he's not the same size in both times/places? Is that why Claire told Kate in her dream not to bring him back? And why did the fortune teller tell Claire not to let anyone else raise Aaron? Etc., Etc.

sara said...

ya, best line "points north"! and I had all the questions everyone else did. But I am still wondering about Claire...she never "died" or that we saw...she just walked off. Why is everyone trying to get them to the island except for her?

I thought it was a great start!

Jenny said...

I have a question maybe you can answer who was that women in the church with Ben. It seemed when she turned around it should be a da da da dum moment, but I was like who it that. At first I thought maybe it was his mom, but she died during child birth?? My poor husband started watching the show a couple seasons in so he was totally lost by Ethan and Ana. Love your blog.

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

This post had me rolling! My favorite line was Hurley telling Saiyd that if he ate more comfort food, he may not kill as many people.

Jenny said...

Oh yeah now I remember. Thanks, it was driving me nuts last night. I am new to blogging. My sister-n-law Patrice got me started reading blogs when she created one. I have finally decided I was sick of being anonymous and had her create one for me:)

Anonymous said...

I love LOST. It's one of the two shows I watch... (other one is HOUSE)

Merrie said...

I'm lost when it comes to LOST. I have such a short attention span that I get antsy (is that a word?) and restless and get up and walk out and then miss what's going on. I rarely am able to sit through an entire show of anything. :(
I guess I miss out on what's going on it the world.
But,IF I were able to enjoy the entire show, I'd probably enjoy LOST and AI. I enjoy your blogs about them and they help me feel a little "in the know" ... almost like reading Cliff notes - but better.

carol ~ i throw like a girl said...

Tell me how unfair this is...we have never watched LOST, but while I was away this weekend dropping our son off at college, my husband and daughter rented all of season 1 and watched it without me!!!!! They are already on to season 2 and I am left in the dust. Oh, well. I'm not really that heartbroken. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Desmond, brother! I want him to be with Penny.

Joanna said...

If they all have to go back to the island does that mean Sun needs to bring her baby too?
In the re-cap before the show the one guy slipped and said Sun believes that Jin died in the explosion. How interesting.

Roxanne Kristina said...


I am sure Lost kipped that idea from him!