Monday, April 06, 2009

Quick 30 x 5 Update and Pink Floyd Cramer is at it Again

Woo! Monday! What's your mindset this beautiful (and cold, if you're near me) Monday morning? Are you still committed to the project, or are you like the cat in yesterday's video? Do I have to come to your house and hold you up on the treadmill and coax you to walk while your limbs go limp and you roll your head under your body so that your shoulders are what's on the treadmill?

I'm happy to report that I'm still in, 100%.

REMINDER: You and me, Baby, and over 70 others--We committed to two weeks, and that will end Thursday, upon which I will post another Mr. Linky, and you will write a post for that day about this experience and link up so that we can all come visit you and you can visit us. Because we are committed, and I just mis-typed that with three t's, which probably shows the depth of my fear that you will not link up this Thursday, and I will have to go join the cat in the video in a basement far away from here out of shame.

Don't make me give my power to the cat.

So if you did not move all weekend, so what. You're back in with a vengeance today. Just move. I don't care if you march in place 30 minutes today; just move. I'm going to strongly encourage you--please hear me--do NOT let this Monday pass without moving for 30 minutes. That's all I'm going to say at this point. Because I'm going to come around checking up on you randomly today and tomorrow. Subliminal last thought: Don't make me give my power to the cat.

Pink Floyd Cramer Is At It Again

So remember this post about my daughter, aka Pink Floyd Cramer, the piano player?

Well, the other day, as I was busy with the usual household goings on, I became gradually aware of a sweetly haunting melody coming from the living room. Dropping my dish towel, I walked hypnotically to the music.

"That melody ... it's gut-wrenchingly familiar ... it makes me feel young, but sad. Sad, but young. Sad, but happy ... what is it? What is it?"

And then I recognized the opening "cross-over" bars: Bohemian Rhapsody. Queen's magnum opus. 1975. I was 13.

So now Pink Floyd Cramer has taught herself one of the most poignantly affective melodies ever written. Well, at least to top the Billboard 100.

And not only is it beautiful, but for me, as it wafts through the air on mercurial (pun!) wings, nostalgia is riding shotgun. Double whammy.

Plus, my adorable kid is playing it. Triple emotional whammy.

Anyway, another day, Katie, the older sister of Pink Floyd, and Pink and I were driving around, when the girls started singing BR, very loud and very proud of knowing all the lyrics and harmonies etc.

And then the AMR (Alarmed Mom Response) went off in me as the lyrics sank in anew: "Mama, just killed a man, put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger, now he's dead...." Ooh, bad Mom vibes--don't wanna hear my kids singing those words!

So I said, "Can't you change the lyrics a little bit and make them less ... violent?"

Only a mom would say this. The lyrics didn't bother me when I was a teenager.
anyway, I just hated to hear my kids singing about pulling a trigger and killing someone. And then making a confession to "Mama," of all people.

So without missing a beat, Katie bursts out singing: "Mama, I just baked a flan."

Where that came from, I do not know.

Well, she did spend a lot of time at my side when she was little. That might explain it.

So then we proceeded to massacre BR by changing lyrics. So here are the originals vs. ours. And I've also included a 30-sec version of the ballad, which doesn't really do Freddie Mercury's teeth justice, but oh well.

The Queen Version:

Mama, just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger, now he's dead.
Mama, life had just begun,
But now I've gone and thrown it all away-
Mama ooo,
Didn't mean to make you cry
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on.

The 2nd Cup Mom Version:

Mama, just baked a flan
I Was gonna bake some bread
Baked a caramel flan instead
Mama, when will it be done?
I think I should’ve made a crème brulee,
Mama ooo,
Didn’t mean to make it dry
It was tough to find vanilla beans at Walmart
They were gone; they were gone.

Now isn't that a GREAT improvement? Perhaps next we'll take on Rod Stewart. Or Neil Diamond.


Momma Morgan said...

woo hoo! I'm the first to comment and I just had to let u know that I've been moving since I bought my elliptical machine. I will admit that I have not did 30 minutes a day (didn't realize how out of shape I am) and I skipped both Sundays and one other day during the week (I have runner's knee that was acting up). I think I have to keep going since my husband said that the elliptical was not bought to be a decoration for our room. Or a coathanger.....

Tabi said...

I love the new, you girls sound like you have alot of fun together! I would love to be able to hear someone playing piano in the background of my house!!

Shawna said...

Your version is delicious!

Abiding Branch said...

Oh my word!! I love it!! And I love to change words to songs, you are too much. I will be walking two whole days of 18 holes watching my daughter play golf in the district tournament!! So that is two days what ever will I do Wed and thur? Hmmm, no concerts coming up to jump at, btw, my knee is killing me!!! lol I am too old to jump up and down for that long. Well truth be told, I got up on my toes because being a woman and all, I can no longer jump - Why? you ask. It depends!!!

Kim said...

I think your lyrics rock! And now the music is totally stuck in my head. Plus I wanna do the teenage boy guitar playing moves. Hey, that's just the ticket to get me moving this morning! LOL

Chatty Kelly said...

With this being the 30 x 5 week, I think the more appropriate Queen song is "Fat Bottomed Girls." I'm just saying....

Susan D said...

Love the lyrics. You so should write for the Food Network. :) -- Sunday and Monday are my days off the 30 x 5, but believe me, I'm getting my workout in anyway...packing, bending, squatting, lifting, loading, unloading. I'll be glad to just do the 30. lol Blessings, SusanD

Beverlydru said...

I'm movin' and groovin'... oh wait, that's 70's music. I like how you manage to put the music as optional. I listen to music while I'm on my computer, so when I get to blogs with music that starts automatically, it's too much for my little ears. Off to wog...the temperatture is falling even in Florida.

Patrice said...

Ahahahahaha!! Love it, too cute!

DidiLyn said...

Mama, I baked a flan? Are you sure she is not MY daughter?
I love Freddy, baking sweets and changing lyrics to suit my fancy so she is now my favorite.

Debbie said...

You all are so much fun!
Now, about the poll at the top. Do what makes you happy! As long as I can read the font with my old eyes, I'll be here:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've just changed the lyrics for me. I like Katie's version a lot better than Freddie's! :)

Betty said...

Well, I was going to blow off my jogging for today because A)it's cold and rainy outside and B)I didn't sleep well last night so I'm very tired. Then I read this post, and by golly, I went out there and jogged. And survived.

Great lyrics, also!


H-Mama said...

that's funny! very creative! and yes, i'm still in the 30x5... jasmine would agree, having walked her 3 miles on saturday. ;)

Merrie said...

love the NEW version... much better!
Also, I'm in again this week... gonna move SOMETHING even if it's my pinky! (afterall, nice, slim fingers are "in"!)
Thanks for the encouragement!

Mocha with Linda said...

You want people to move, then you post a song about decadent desserts.

You are an oxymoron, my friend!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

I think she gets her creativity from her mama. LOVE IT!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Mocha Lid: Hey! I resemble that remark!

Amy said...

Thanks for the encouragement...I will keep moving...although I am not one of your offical 70. Anyway how do you do the Mr. Linky...if you find the time maybe you could e-mail me a quick how to...if it is too much to do in an e-mail...I'll do some research...


Susanne said...

I like the girl's version better. Except now I'm craving creme brulee!

I'm still in the challenge. Didn't do it yesterday though. Too busy scarfing down nachos with the girl. Guess I better not get hubby to make the creme brulee today or I'll really act like that cat!

fransmomma said...

seriously, i am cracking up right now!! just to test the validity of the new lyrics, i sang them...cause thats what i do...and they totally fit. that probably just made my day.
...still laughing.

oh, and the pumpkin spice flax bars? are you kidding me? i bought a box today, and they MIGHT make it through tomorrow. sooo good!!

Lois Lane II said...

That is SO funny! Seriously, PULEASE post a video of her singing and playing that with the old lyrics...and then the new.

Brenda Susan said...

Yes, I moved today, did a long yoga work-out & had a brilliant idea right in the middle of it. After the workout I got on my Faebook & changed my status to:"Does anyone local have an unused treadmill or stationary bike I could buy realy cheap
Had 4 respones so far!!

Roxanne said...

I like your lyrics better--much, much better. . .the originals don't bother me either, but coming from the perfect pink mouths of my babies--ICK!!!

I changed the lyrics to Rock-a-bye Baby when my daughter was born. I wanted no falling from tree-tops for my daughter. . .not that I would choose such a place to hang her cradle to begin with.

Laurie Ann said...

Your lyrics rule! I LOVE them! Too funny!

Kaye Butler said...

Is it sad that I was singing both versions of the lyrics and now, now, I'm stuck with them the rest of the night. Oh man.

We're still moving, just busy movers. Check us out! MM placed in the discus throw yessterday, she'll post later tonight!

40winkzzz said...

I know you will forgive me for not reading and commenting on this sooner. Miss people, etc.

My 18-y/o has played Bohemian Rhapdosy on the piano for years, and my 13-y/o is now learning it as well. (Our piano teacher is really cool, so my kids actually get to do this as part of their lessons.) I have a love/hate relationship with this song and with the fact that I allow my kids to play, sing, and listen to it. (Altho' really, it's Hubz' fault.) The lyric that sets off *my* Mom Alarm is "Beelzebub has a devil just for me." YIKES!!!! YIKES TIMES 73000!!!! Of course, they are not allowed to sing or even *think* those words and are required to substitute alternate lyrics of their choice. Whether they actually do is anyone's guess.

They will love your flan rendition. And who knows, maybe we can come up with something about a somebody having a "devil's food cake".