Monday, July 27, 2009

I Think I Know Why Mick Can't Get No Satisfaction

'Cause he has never eaten my version of Banana Split Dessert, that's why.

First of all, it helps when you are assembling this to have the radio tuned to the oldies because it just feels right. Banana splits are so retro.

It also helps if The Stones are singing "Satisfaction" because you feel very witty when you come up with the idea that they couldn't get no satisfaction because they never had this honkin' good dessert.

And then you hold up a mixer beater like a microphone, sing a few words, then get distracted by the cream cheese and sugar clinging to the beater and lick it off.

Ta-da: Satisfaction.

OK, I put you off long enough. The recipe:

Mix 1 + 3/4 c. graham cracker crumbs, 1/3 c. sugar, 1/2 c. melted margarine. Press into the bottom of a 9 x 13". Freeze crust for 10 minutes.

Soften 2 8oz. pkgs. of cream cheese. Beat cream cheese and 3/4 c. sugar with a mixer. Spread over crust. (Just showing crust and partial frosting here. Frost the whole crust.)

Top with 20oz. drained crushed pineapple.

Slice two bananas and place over pineapple.

Add any toppings you'd like. This is where you personalize-I chose to add: chocolate chunks (not chips), maraschino cherries, strawberry preserves (wanted hunks of strawberry). You could also drizzle chocolate or butterscotch syrup or add coconut--whatever you might like on a banana split.

Pour 2 c. milk into a mixing bowl, add 2 small boxes of instant vanilla pudding. Beat until well blended. Fold in 1 c. of Cool Whip. Spread over top of other ingredients.

Refrigerate at least 5 hours; right before serving, add nut topping, if desired.

Long time readers of 2nd Cup: I am judiciously, prudently adding this dessert to the label "Ken Lee" because it is deserving. Wow. You know this is big.

New readers: Ken Lee means this.

In honor of the latest inductee to the Ken Lee Hall of Fame:


Mimi said...

You are a very evil woman to tempt us with this recipe!

Merrie said...

OH..... That is totally a temptation! That is one of those that you make and eat the entire thing! Then you have to make one for the rest of the family!

Susan D said...

Thanks for the great "Ken Lee" laugh this morning. You always brighten my day. Thanks. Blessings, SusanD

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow. I think I gained 5 pounds just reading the recipe.

You are a cruel woman.

And chocolate chunks? You speak my language!!

Ballerina Girl said...

this looks so yummy...I wish that I could get Cool Whip here!
I guess that I could (trudge, trudge) get out that (heave) hand mixer and (agh) whip some myself

;) BG
thanks for the recipe!

Chatty Kelly said...

I had to watch the video again. I just had to. Wahahaha! Loved it!

Ken Lee! woo!

The dessert, yes, it looks Ken Lee. Thanks for the flashback.

sara said...

I'm with Mimi...the diet started today and that was plain mean!!!

I still laugh so hard at that video!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

OMGosh!!! Sounds to good!!!


H-Mama said...

Chocolate CHUNKS! Oh... THAT'S how you achieved your massive biceps. I should try that! Looks yummy. I have to go to the gym to work off the pound I gained from reading this recipe. ;D

Pam said...

Your banana split dessert looks delicious - what a great idea!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

First you show us your muscles - then you give us a recipe like this!?

Can't decide if I want to work on some of my own muscles so I can punch you in the arm the next time I see you or just beg you for a taste of the leftovers (not that there likely were any).

Melissa said...

YUM!!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

Dena said...

That sounds so good!!

Oh and I loved this: "honkin' good dessert." I seriously thought I was the only person on the planet who said 'honkin' - my children were convinced of it too and begged me to stop. LOL

Julie said...

No you didn't just do that!!!! I'm trying to cut out sugar and flour and right now I feel like I could eat that WHOLE thing BY MY SELF!!!

Susanne said...

I think I just gained 10 pounds reading the recipe for this dessert. This sounds way to addicting and lucsious.

Anonymous said...

I love that video! For all of you men named Ken Lee out're so vain, I bet you think this song is about you!

I've had something similar to that dessert before, but not with CHUNKS of chocolate! Suddenly I'm craving a nanner split!